Friday, July 29, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday, Felix!

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was writing Felix's birth story, and now here I am writing about his first birthday!
 Felix had birthday pancakes with his brother and sisters to start off his big day:
Then since he loves water so much, we went up to Mamaw Dianne's house so he could play in the pool and he especially loved going down the slip n' slide.
 Check out his grin- he loved it!
After a nap (because birthdays are tiring, too), he had a visit from Grandpa David and Grandma Winkie and opened some presents. Great granny Ollie also stopped by to see him. Then we went to Jackson and Ansley's baseball banquet at Family Fun Zone and Felix loved going down the slides there. He was also excited Aunt Jessica stopped by to see him.

 After that we came home and Mamaw Dianne, Papaw Fred and Jennifer stopped by to sing "Happy Birthday" and to eat cake with the birthday boy!
At one year old some of Felix's favorite things inludes: Cars and trucks (anything with wheels), climbing up stairs, being outside, taking a bath or shower, eating, giving hugs and cuddling, his kitten, and he absolutely adores his big brother and sisters. He is getting to where he just laughs all day long and is always on the go!
Birthday pancakes, slip n' slide fun, playing in the pool, visits from almost all of his grandparents, playing at Family Fun Zone, and cake! Felix had a wonderful 1st birthday!
Happy 1st birthday to our precious Felix. What an amazing and fast year it has been. We love you, our cuddly little love! (Oh! And he is finally sleeping through the night most nights!).

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