Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Last Day of 2015/2016 School Year

Yesterday wasn't just Jackson's birthday, it was also the last day of school for the 2015-2016 school year! 
 Just look at how much the kids grew this year!



All three kids had an outstanding school year, which was evident from their report cards and the awards they received. They all seemed to come out of their shell a bit more this year, and even though it breaks my heart a little at how fast they are growing, it is so fun to see them developing their own personality each year. 

 Jackson loved third grade. He said that his teacher, Mrs. Greever, was the most patient teacher ever, and that she never even yells (which is pretty amazing to me since she is surrounded by 8 and 9 year olds all day, everyday- haha!).  Jackson received the Language Arts award, Science award, Math award, Social Studies award, award for highest GPA, good citizenship medal and the plaque for Citizen of the Year award for 3rd Grade. We were so proud of him! I had not only teachers, but also parents of other kids in his class telling me lately how great and helpful he is with their kid.  I hope that he always thinks of others and has a helping heart.

 Ansley was excited for school to start because her teacher, Mrs. Henson, taught with Aunt Jessica last year. Jessica had told Ansley how Mrs. Henson loves frogs and critters, so Ansley couldn't wait to be in her class since she shares a huge love of any animal. Her love for Mrs. Henson grew so much throughout the school year, and she was crying the end of the school year because she was no longer going to be in her class. Thanks for loving our girl so much this school year, Mrs. Henson!
Ansley is definitely our shy kid of the bunch, but we could tell that she became much more outgoing this school year. She became close with several other girls in her class, which was great for our shy gal. Ansley won the Science award, Reading award, Excellence in Keyboarding award and good citizenship medal. We are so proud of her and how hard she worked this year.
 Elsie is our tender-hearted gal that wears her heart on her sleeves, so I was very worried about her starting kindergarten and getting her feelings hurt so easily. Thankfully this was never an issue and I know a big part of that was because of her feeling so loved by her super sweet teacher, Mrs. Colson. Elsie had a fantastic kindergarten year and made lots of great friends. She learned so much this year, and she not only received her Kindergarten certificate at the awards ceremony, she also received a good citizen medal and the plaque for Citizen of the Year award for Kindergarten! I had to include an end of the year questioner she brought home on the last day of school that I just loved. (The part that says "I think I'm good at dancing" ends with "but not good at video games".) I especially love the very last thing on there- "My advice for kids- Love God and Jesus." I just love and am so proud of our little Elsie.
Thanks to the kids teachers, our amazing Principal, and every employee at their school that loves and cares on all those kids every day. Thanks for helping our kids have a wonderful school year! 

The kids awards and each recipient of the "Citizen of the Year" award for each grade level

So long Kindergarten, 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade.... Hello, Summer!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Jackson Lee is 9

Happy birthday to our oldest kid, our precious Jackson Lee!
Jackson has a huge heart and is always willing to help others out.  He has the best giggle and is the most ticklish person I know.  If you know Jackson you know that he is Lego obsessed and he is about to be overtaken by Lego's in his room.  He still loves to read and excels in all subjects at school.  He is kind to everyone he meets and we love and are so proud of him.
Today wasn't only Jackson's birthday, it was also the last day (and only a half day) of school. When Jackson left for school he asked if he could have a scavenger hunt when he got home to find his presents. I totally forgot about doing it until I picked them up and he asked if it was ready. When we got home I quickly made one and he was so excited to find his Mixels that he has been wanting.

At night we went to Elsie's t-ball game, and then Jackson requested Pablano's for his birthday dinner. Here they are singing to Jackson:

After Pablano's we came home so he could blow out his candles and have some cake. He is having a few friends over this weekend for a birthday sleepover, but of course he had to eat a little cake on his birthday! 

I get all emotional when I think that he is now half way to where he will be old enough to go to college and move out, but I also know how blessed I am getting to watch all of his achievements and to see him grow into a wonderful young boy.  I am so proud of the boy he is. We love you, Jackson Lee. Happy 9th birthday! 

Jackson's Birthday through the years:

Sunday, May 8, 2016

April 2016

April is always such a fun, exciting, but extremely busy month for us. While looking at our calendar I realized that we had something going on every single day, and often times more than one activity going on. I already wrote about the kids in the county talent show and the girls in their dance recital, but we also had Jackson's banjo practices and baseball and t-ball practices and games began this month, too! Add in school, school activities and the end of the year test, and it only added to the excitement of our month. 

Ansley started out her first Saturday of April the same way she has the last few years, by going fishing with Papaw. Eric was out of town at his parents for the weekend, and Jackson, Elsie and Vada Belle were still sick with the flu and Felix had a terrible cough, so I stayed at home with the other 4 sick ones. She caught a pretty good size one and she made sure to tell me first thing that she caught more than papaw. 
Enjoying the warmer days with Vada Belle and Felix while the big kids are at school:
One very cold Saturday, we went to the Playhouse Fun Fest at the high school.  The kids loved all of the neat hands on activities they had there:
The second graders presented their study on plants one night at the PTA meeting. Ansley loved showing us her projects. Here she is with two of her sweet teachers, Mrs. Henson and Ms. Zukowski, and showing me which egg was hers:
Vada Belle reading at the PTA meeting & Eric eating lunch with the girls at school.

For Christmas Eric's parents gave us some money to do something fun with our family to make a memory.  We were able to find a great deal to see Disney on Ice when they came close by, and that is what we decided to spend our money on. It was a fantastic show!

Just a normal Saturday night at our house. If you get headaches easily from loud noises, you might want to stay away from our house. :)
April is the start of baseball season for us. This year Jackson and Ansley are on the same team playing coach pitch, and Elsie is playing her very first season of t-ball.
Opening day parade:
Felix cheering on his big brother and sisters:
I ended up having to leave opening day early with the girls so they could run (literally run to the car because we were running late) to dance rehearsal for their upcoming ballet:
We always try to go to Grandfather Mountain in April for dollar days. One Sunday after church we met up with a bunch of our family at Price Park for a picnic and then went to the mountain. The weather was perfect:

Elsie is doing great and absolutely loves t-ball. She didn't want to play last year because she was too busy socializing with her friends in the stands, but this year she found out that several of her classmates were playing so she thought she would give it a try. Three of her friends from her class are on the same team as her, so she loves going to practice and to games to see them and she is learning the basics of the game, too:
Jackson is in his second year of coach pitch, and Ansley is in her first. They have a great team with some sweet kids. I love watching them play ball!
*The girls and their dolls with their new dresses from Mamaw Dianne
*Felix talking to the cat (he loves cats!)
*Our baby chicks at a week old
*Me and my babies after surviving a weekend without Eric and three of them having the flu and Felix with a terrible cough and cold
*All three girls snuggled up in a toddler bed
Vada Belle always keeps me smiling and laughing. I love this little girl so much!
Warmer days means getting to go to the park with sweet friends. Vada Belle loves hanging out with her buddy, Henry, and Felix loves swinging and watching the kids playing.
Some outtakes of Felix's 9 month pictures:
Felix turned 9 months on April 29th.  At 9 months Felix loves to crawl, put tiny objects in his mouth (to scare his mama), dance when he hears music, and his favorite time of day is when his big brother and sisters get off the bus. He can pull up on things and do this funny move where he gets on all fours like he's about to stand up (but he can't do that just yet!). He is still toothless but is always gnawing away at his hands, feet, anything he can get in his mouth, constantly. Whenever he wakes up or wants to be picked up, when I pick him up he will just put his arms around me and squeeze and bury his head into my neck, like he is hugging me. I absolutely love it.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring Dance Recital and Ballet

On Saturday the girls had their tap and jazz recital in the morning, and then their ballet that night. It was a FULL day of dance, and then after the two recitals in the morning and before the ballet we had to rush to Ansley and Jackson's ball game (where she scored her first run for the season!).  Here are some highlights of our beautiful dancers:

Vada Belle's Dance Class
 Elsie's Dance Class

Ansley's Dance Class
Dress Rehearsal and rushing from rehearsal to Jackson's banjo practice:
Ready for their tap recital:

Vada Belle's Tap Dance
(Everyday Princess)
Elsie's Tap Dance
Ansley's Tap Dance
(Friend Like Me)

Ansley's Jazz Dance
(Red Balloon)

Jackson said he had enough of watching his sisters dance, so he asked Mamaw Ollie if she would stay home so he could go hang out with her. I have a feeling he is going to spend several more years going to dance rehearsals and recitals!
Mamaw Pearl, Papaw Nulan and Aunt Thelma all surprised us when we saw them after the girls recital:
After both tap recitals we rushed to pick up Jackson from Mamaw Ollie's (where she thankfully had lunch ready for us to eat quickly) and then headed to Jackson and Ansley's ball game (which their team won!). All the girls took a nap in the van, which was obviously very much needed.
After the ball game we came home to grab a sandwich, put back on their ballet clothes, and throw their hair in a bun, and of course take a few pictures:
 All three girls were in the ballet, Cinderella, and their studio did an amazing job with the show!
 Ansley's Ballet Dance
(Spring Fairy)

 Elsie's Ballet Dance- she LOVED this dance!

Vada Belle's Ballet Dance
(Mouse Friend)

Having fun at the ballet:
 So proud of our beautiful little dancers: