Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Nutcracker & Christmas Programs 2014

This was a very exciting year for us to go watch The Nutcracker because Ansley Kate was a gingerbread kid (which is one of my favorite parts of the ballet), and it was Elsie's first time dancing on the "big stage." She played a kid in the toy store, and both girls (and all of the dancers) did a fantastic job. I still am so amazed at how a little local dance company can put on such an amazing, wonderful ballet with fantastic choreography, costumes, props, etc.
Ansley in her third Nutcracker- this year as a Ginger Kid

Here are some pics of Elsie in her debut in The Nutcracker. How precious are these little gals!

Vada Belle insisted that she, too, was going to go dance on the "big stage" and be in The Nutcracker like her big sisters. Before going to Elsie's dress rehearsal, Vada Belle had to put her hair into a bun, put on a hand me down ballet costume, and had to show off some of her moves to us.
 My Beautiful Little Dancers

The kids were really excited that Mamaw Di, Gramma Winkie, and Uncle Gerald came to watch them in the ballet:

Jackson and Ansley Kate had their Christmas programs at school a couple of weeks before Christmas, and had a great time singing some of their favorite Christmas songs.

We also did a short little Christmas play at church, and Jackson played the role of Joseph, Elsie was Mary, and Ansley and Vada Belle were angels. Before church that morning Elsie got her purse and Minnie Mouse heels to wear with her Christmas dress, and everyone got a little laugh out of when she propped those Minnie heels up on the manger scene during the play. Who knew Mary wore heels!
I decided that since our first visit with Santa didn't go so well this year (since Vada Belle wanted nothing to do with him and Elsie had an ear infection and could of cared less about meeting him at that moment), that I would take them to a local bank so they could meet him again. This time it went much better, and Vada Belle even walked up to him and sat on his lap! Jackson told Santa that he wanted a boomerang, Ansley asked for some Merida Lego's, Elsie only wanted a Tiana dress, and Vada Belle just kept her fingers in her mouth the whole time. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

November 2014

November Moments:

Elsie, Vada Belle and I enjoyed pretty fall days outside while Jackson and Ansley were at school:

Voting in the November Elections;  
Vada Belle somehow climbed to the top of the kitchen counter to sneak candy out of the candy bucket- little stinker!
Elsie and Vada Belle "cooking" and Elsie snoozing with her Cinderella and Prince Charming;
Vada Belle loves to read books in her bed, but she can be very picky about which exact book she wants to read. One night I asked Eric to go give her a book, and when I went to check on her this is what I found. Eric said he got tired of asking, "this book?" so he just gave up and gave her all of them. So funny. 
The kids love packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, and this year they wanted to each pack their own box before we went to church and helped pack boxes there. They were so proud of their boxes, and had a great time "designing" the box and praying for the child that would receive it.
Ansley helping with the grocery list; Vada packing shoeboxes at church, Jackson and Elsie dressing up, Jackson with his cracker creation (he is definitely his father's son); Jackson and Caleb reading some books

We also made our second batch of molasses for this fall, and ended up with 32 gallons between the two batches.
We took the kids to visit Santa, but Elsie and Vada Belle were not a fan and wanted nothing to do with him. Elsie wasn't acting herself at all, so I ended up taking her to the doctor a couple of hours after this to find out she had an ear infection.
We spent Thanksgiving once again with so many of our family members at my mom and dad's house. As always, there was more than enough food, lots of fun stories being told, and the kids were entertaining as always.

Just a couple of days later we celebrated Papaw Fred's birthday! The kids loved having their cousins here to play with for several days.