Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Happy Valentine's Day! 
Today was another snow day at home from school, which at first the kids were pretty upset about because who doesn't love being at school on Valentine's Day (it was always my favorite day of school when I was little!). I told them that they would still have their party when they went back and they were fine after that.
When we were little on every Valentine's Day, my mom would always draw hearts on the bathroom mirror with lipstick and then write our names inside. I still do this with my kids, and Jackson was especially excited when he saw it this morning. He asked what I wrote it with, and I told him lipstick. A little while later I walked into my bathroom to see both mirrors covered in lipstick, and then later noticed in Ansley and Elsie's room a nice portrait made out of lipstick on their window (Ansley evidently wanted to get in on the fun, too.) I now have a lot more mirror/window cleaning than I planned on. :)
We spent all day at home, but daddy took the big kids out sledding when he got home from work which they loved, and Mamaw Di and Aunt Jessica stopped by to visit us. We then cooked a nice meal, got our "mailboxes" we made (out of envelopes) off our doors and read our Valentine's from one another, and as you can see, Vada Belle REALLY enjoyed her Valentine's cupcakes.
We hope you all felt lots of love on this day!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

January 2014

Somehow, way too fast, it turned 2014, and before I could even remember that it is no longer 2013 it is already February! Here are a few pics of our January though, which was spent with many snow days out of school and hanging out at home with the kids in their cute little footed jammies (well- the girls... Jackson's now too big for all of his!).

Jackson finally got a new bed, which he needed a long time ago. He still had his blue little race car toddler bed, and his feet were hanging off at the bottom. He had been sleeping in the floor of his sister's room for a couple of weeks (which I think part of that was he just wanted to be in their room with them). We went to Johnson City to look for him a new bed and he had talked a LOT about what he wanted. A bunk bed that is a treehouse and has a slide. The place we went to had a bunk bed with a tree house on top, and they also had this one. I wasn't fond of how this one looked, but Jackson kept going to this one and saying how much he LOVED it. It was much cheaper than the other beds, was higher off the ground (which was all he wanted with the bunk bed) and it has a slide! I said to Eric, "Hey, you're only little once and it's much cheaper than any other bed, let's just get it." Plus- look how excited he is!!! 
 On the many, many snow days we had in January, Jackson spent a huge majority of that time reading or creating things out of his Lego's.

 There was a lot of riding tricycles, bike and scooters around this house, singing and dancing along to Frozen songs, and working on snow day packets.

A few pics of the girls-

We were able to enjoy some time with friends, and especially loved when other people could come over to hang out or go sledding.

Vada Belle has begun telling us here and there when she needs to go potty. We aren't potty training by any means, but when she tells us she's gotta go- we take her! She told Jessica one Sunday at Mamaw's that she had to go, and then she decided that she was just going to hang out there for a while and Jessica snapped these cute pics of her. She's probably going to be mad at me one day for posting these, but aren't they precious.

Here is also a cute little video of Vada Belle... she keeps us laughing!
If you can't see the video, click here: