Friday, March 4, 2016

February 2016

Felix started February out with doctors appointments. On the first he had to go to the pediatric urologist about his kidney. They did another ultrasound and unfortunately his left kidney is still enlarged. The doctor said that we could choose to wait three more months and check it once again, or go ahead with surgery. We asked if it would cause any harm to wait the three months and he said right now, no, but that if it hasn't changed size (and decreased) in three months, that he will probably suggest to go ahead with surgery at that time.  We decided to wait and we are really hoping that it will shrink before we go back in a couple of months. Then on the second he had his 6 month check up and shots. He checked out great and did excellent with his shots.  
 Back in August for my birthday, Eric got me a gift certificate to go get my hair cut. It has been 2 1/2 years since I've even got my hair trimmed, so it was in desperate need for a cut! I got a little over 8 inches cut off and will be sending it in to donate.
 During church I looked down to see Vada Belle had written her name with this heart! 

Our kids all sleeping in the same bed, like usual, and then sleeping Felix and Vada Belle with her "tent"she made.
For the Superbowl game we went to Jennifer's like usual. We were cheering on the Carolina Panthers but they ended up losing.
Date night with Eric and Felix- where Felix decided to stand on the seat and try to steal chips the whole time. He is a mess!
When you get out of school early because of snow, Elsie and Vada Belle think it is a perfect time to put on your bathing suit and play in the bathtub.
 Ansley loves to sit and draw lately, and she is getting really good! One snowy afternoon she asked if she could look at youtube and watch drawing videos. After a few minutes she brings these drawings she did- I was so impressed!
Snowy night activities; Ansley drawing (and skating in between pictures), Jackson and Eric putting together his K'nex roller coaster, Vada Belle playing with her Frozen magnetic dolls, and Elsie putting together puzzles.
The local ski mountains offer a huge discount to students on days that they are out of school for a snow day. I asked Eric earlier this year if he didn't have a lot of work on one snow day if he would take the big kids skiing. One night when they cancelled school for the next day, he told them that he would be able to take them to the ski slopes. They have never been skiing, so they were so excited. Jackson said that he wanted to try snowboarding instead, though. Eric said that they both did a great job, especially for it being their first time on the slopes.

Ansley Skiing

Jackson Snowboarding

 Jackson and Caleb sledding
This deer that laid in our backyard (right at Jackson's target shooting practice) for hours
Felix trying eggs for the first time
 For Valentine's we went out to Sharpie's on the night before for their Valentine's special. Elsie and Vada Belle were a huge fan of the hot fudge sundae, as you can see. We loved that we had babysitters at the restaurant while we were eating- thanks Cindy, Frankie and Terri!
 On Valentine's Day after church we went to the kids cousins, Levi and Logan's birthday party. Then we came home and ate supper while we opening our "mailboxes" full of Valentine's from one another.

 Opening Valentine's and Felix's 1st Valentine's Day:
 More pictures from opening our Valentines at home, and Valentine's parties at school:
One night after banjo practice it was just Jackson and I in town. This is a very rare occurrence so I asked if he wanted to go out to eat, just the two of us. He choose Sagebrush, and the waitress bet him there was no way he could eat all of his food. Not only did he eat every single bite of his, he also ate some of mine. The sweet waitress stuck to her word (even though we laughed and told her she didn't have to), and gave him $2. Jackson wanted to leave one of the dollars as part of her tip, but thought he should keep the other one. ha! (Don't worry- we definitely gave her more than a $1 tip).
 A cake that I decorated at our "BluePrint" group enrichment meeting and then falling asleep on the couch while holding Felix. This no sleep at night business is starting to get to me a little bit. :)

Aunt Jessica and Uncle Craig took the kids bowling one night in February. They all loved it, even Vada Belle after she got over not wanting to put on the bowling shoes. Then they went to their house to spend the night.
 A few sweet pictures of Felix sleeping (I love when babies sleep on the bellies with their bottoms up like that). The other one is a picture I texted to my sister. People often ask if Felix is always smiling because most of his pictures he looks so happy. I tell them, "he is until we try to get him to sleep." I texted the last picture to Jessica at 1:40 am...... it is his, "Sleep?!? Why would I do that?" face.
Our sweet and oh so dear to us all, Mamaw Ollie, turned 79 this month. We had her a birthday party at church and here she is with all 11 of her great grandbabies.
Our chickens have started laying eggs and the kids are now selling them. They are supposed to go collect the eggs, wash them, put them in the cartons, and then help us sale them. We are going to keep track of what we sale, and then take out their 10% for their tithes and any other expenses (such as feed, etc.), and then we told them after they make so much profit that they can decide what they want to spend their money on. They are excited about their new business adventure. :)
 Ansley with one of her many play-doh creations (she said she made one of the Shopkins), and Elsie Lou  one afternoon after kindergarten.

We get to have watch day in February at dance. I love watching how much the girls have improved on these days. Here is Elsie (who LOVES her dance for the upcoming ballet Cinderella).
 Ansley at watch day:
 Vada Belle at watch day:
 The last Saturday of the month our church took the kids to Bo's. All the kids and adults had a great time bowling, playing in the arcade, and playing laser tag (which was my favorite!).

 We also had a dinner for our senior citizens at our church. The young people and youth prepared the food and served them at this meal. My mom and her sister did a fantastic job with getting all of the food prepared as well as decorating for this event. Everyone complimented how much they enjoyed this meal and it was great seeing my kids serving their elders.

 On February 29th (Leap Day!) Felix turned 7 months old. At seven months he loves to walk around in his walker, jump in his Johnny Jump Up, laugh and scream at his brother and sisters, eat (and he gets super excited when he sees a can of Puffs), he can say hi and bye (and wave, too), and he finally slept all night long- too bad it just happened once! We love this little guy so much!