Sunday, June 19, 2016

Vada Belle is 4!

Happy Birthday to our precious, but oh so sassy, Vada Belle!
Vada Belle is so sweet and always saying, "I love you!" but can be the sassiest little thing the very next minute.  She always has her lovie by her side and she loves playing pretend anything; play-doh, Barbies, Princesses, Shopkins, and she loves to play with water (and is always asking to wash some dishes or wash off the eggs we've collected from the hen house). She can come up with some of the most random sayings, and she keeps us all laughing.

She started off her birthday with our birthday tradition, birthday pancakes:
We then went to church and after that we went to Mamaw and Papaw's house for lunch, a little time swimming in the pool, and cake time!  
 Then we went to Mamaw Pearl and Papaw Nulan's where the kids loved playing on cousin Cheyenna's new "couch."
 Then we came back home to open presents:
 Trying to get a pic of this girl actually smiling and not being silly can be challenging:
 Oh how the years pass by so quickly!
 Happy 4th birthday, our beautiful and smart Vada Belle. We are so proud of you and love you bunches!

Friday, June 3, 2016

May 2016

May! I love the month of May because it means the end of another school year and I get the summer with all of my babies home. The last few days of the school year were some exciting and fun days, though.  The kids had awards day, field day, career day, a field trip to Tweetsie for the entire school, and end of the school year parties. Here are some other exciting moments from this month:

-The kids doing a volcano experiment. They choose to get the safety goggles all on their own.
-Jackson at field day for grades 3-6. Unfortunately it rained and they didn't get to do the outside activities, but they had a fun time doing competitions in the gym.
-We got some new baby turkeys again in May! Turkeys are tough to keep alive, but we thought we would give it one more try, and we ordered 15 little baby turkeys.  
 Field day for grades K-2 had much better weather and were able to do lots of fun games and activities outside. Here are Elsie and Ansley with friends at field day (and of course Vada Belle had to jump in the pictures, too).
-Playing in the hot tub at their great aunt's house
-Felix is a bed hog!
-Sweet baby boy snoozing in his car seat
-Felix at his 9 month checkup (he was a few days late). He weighed 16 pounds 13 ounces, was 27 inches tall, and checked out wonderfully!
Hanging out at Mamaw Pearl's for Mother's Day. This wasn't a pre-planned event. I love how all of my family will just all go somewhere last minute. It was a great afternoon spending time with family and watching as Caleb was surprised with a new jeep. 
 My Mother's Day was excellent all starting with breakfast in bed brought to me by my dear husband and sweet kids. We then went to church, my grandma Ollie's for lunch, then family time at the Watson grandparents. I love these 5 and feel so incredibly blessed that I get to be their mother!
 A few random pics:
-Ansley and friends at a birthday party
-The girls and I were walking to my parent's house to visit for a bit. I put Felix in the Ergo and when I told them it was time to leave, they all had their American Girl doll's in a backpack, too.
-Me and Ansley Kate
-Vada Belle and Felix (who is on her heels all day everyday trying to keep up with her)
-Felix is into everything these days! Turn your back for a second and he will have a mess!
 The school took the entire school- every single kid- and PAID for them all, too, to Tweetsie Railroad. What a fun day hanging out with friends at a fun little amusement park.

-My little mama, Ansley
-Felix, Ansley and Elsie hanging out
-Elsie showing me her hula skills and the girls nursing their baby dolls
 -Hanging out in the backyard. Jackson likes to pretend he's a dad and carry Felix around in a carrier. Then when it is time for Felix to come in, he'll just stand by the door and wait for his brother and sisters to come in.
 Jackson had his banjo recital in May and the group that he plays with all did an amazing job. It was a wonderful recital to attend!
-New kitties; Oreo and Cookie
-Elsie and her buddy Khloe at Khloe's birthday party
-Celebrating Memorial Day
 Playing Tee-ball and Baseball
 For Jackson's birthday he had a couple of guy friends spend the night. He wanted pizzas, cake (he chose a caramel cake) and they were planning on having a camp out outside. The weather was not ideal at all for a night outside in a tent, so Eric put the tent upstairs instead!

 Felix turned 10 months old on July 29th! He loves to eat, babble, stand while holding onto things, and playing in his water table.  He crawls after his mama (me!) all day while saying my name repeatedly to make sure I can hear him.  He also screams dada when he gets home from work and he says, "kitty, kitty, kitty" the second he goes outside in hope one of the cats will come let him pull its hair- I mean, pet it.  He has the sweetest smile and gives the best hugs (but still doesn't love to sleep)! Happy 10 months, our sweet boy.