Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy Nine Years, emc!

Nine years ago today, it was a beautiful (and hot!) sunny day in Trade, TN, and a perfect day to say "I Do." 

Happy Anniversary, Eric! I'm so glad that you are my forever and I'm your always. You're my best friend and you are making all of my dreams come true.  I love you. 

July 10, 2004:

July 10, 2013

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Little E is Number 3!

Happy 3rd Birthday to our sassy, stubborn, but all at the same time our cuddly, very loving, sweet little girl.

Today on Elsie's birthday we of course had our birthday pancakes, played outside, did a little dancing, enjoyed a visit from great-granny Ollie and cousin Carter, got lots of phone calls from cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents, she got excited when she checked the mail and had birthday cards for her, went to Mamaw Di and Papaw Fred's for some birthday cake, she went to Bible School at Mabel Methodist Church with Jackson and Ansley, and then we went to Sweet Frog because that is the only thing she told me she wanted to do on her birthday! :)

Birthday pancakes and playing outside with her siblings.

Swinging in the swing and singing and dancing:

Birthday cards in the mail and birthday cake:

A trip to Sweet Frog:

At three years old Elsie loves, loves, LOVES playing with all her toys, but especially her little princess dolls, barbies, and any smaller doll (think polly pocket size) that she can carry around with her all day long. She loves to sing, and has the most adorable little voice. After hearing a song only a couple of times (or sometimes even once), she can sing along right with the song. She loves being outside and I honestly think that the child could sit on a swing for hours. Out of our three oldest, she is the one that likes to go the most, and often when we pull into our road she will immediately start in, "No mommy! I don't want to go home!" She even tries, at times, to sneak off with people when they stop by to visit us. She is "everybody's girl" as she says so often, and she has a way of putting a smile on your face when she runs to you and gives you a hug and kiss right when she sees you. All throughout the day she randomly says, "Hey Mommy. I loves you," which of course melts my heart each and every time (even if at times she already has one hand on the hip and looking much older than she should).  She still is pretty insistent that when she grows up she is either going to be a princess or a mermaid. What fun career choices! ;)

We are so thankful that God chose us as your mommy and daddy, and we love and are so proud of you, baby girl!

First, Second and Third Birthdays:

Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July- Phipps Style

Who needs Martha Stewart when you have Dianne Phipps?! After a LOT of hard work by my mom and dad getting their place into tip top shape, they had a post 4th of July cookout at their house yesterday afternoon. Everyone that came brought plenty of delicious foods, and I can't believe that I forgot to get a picture when all the food was actually there! Like most days this summer, it rained, but thankfully not during the entire picnic. There were plenty of laughs, trampoline jumping, potato sack racking, volleyball playing, wagon riding, lots of good eating, and memories that were made by the end of the night.

Mom and Dad cut out and wrapped all the silverware in this cute little fabric:

Lemonade in mason jars and iced coffee with decorative tops:

Party Location:

A few inside/porch decorations:

Some of the food at the picnic shelter in the barn:

Kids Playing:

Potato Sack Racing:

Wagon Riding:

Having fun with friends & family:

Can't wait until next year's party, hopefully with no rain! :)

Happy 4th of July!

Even though it was a nasty, rainy 4th of July, we decided we would attempt the Bethel Blast because we have enjoyed it so much the past couple of years that we have gone. Once we got there we sat in our truck for a little bit and let the storm that was there at that moment go by. Once the rain slacked off we loaded up the kids and chairs in the wagon & double stroller, and headed down to the fun. It wasn't long though that the rain was back, and once it started lightning we decided we were going to hang out in the truck for a little bit to see if the storm passed (we were hoping that we would still get to see some fireworks). Unfortunately though, it never did and we ended up going home because they rescheduled the fireworks (which we were able to go see them last night). The kids had fun regardless of the nasty weather, and we made the most of it even if we did have to hang out in the truck for the 4th! :) Happy birthday, America!

We got soaked on the way back to our truck!

Happy 4th from our 4!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rainbow Birthday Party!

Last Sunday (June 30th), we celebrated Vada Belle turning 1, and Elise turning three (which officially happens tomorrow!). Since Vada's birthday is June 19th and Elsie's is July 9th, we decided to make it easier on the guests, (and us!), that we would do one party in the middle of their birthdays for both girls. Elsie kept changing her mind about what kind of party she wanted, but one day when she said she decided on a rainbow party, that kind of stuck, which I was happy about since it would be a perfect theme for both girls! It was a super easy party to decorate and coordinate for, and Elsie was really excited about it all (Vada Belle, too, of course.). :) We borrowed Elsie's rainbow skirt from her cousin Abigail, I found Vada Belle's little diaper cover off of Etsy (for a great deal!), and then I just got a cheap white tank top, crocheted a rainbow and sewed it on there for both girls. I also crocheted Vada Belle a little pair of barefoot sandals since she will not keep on any shoes. Of course I took plenty of pics to share (even if my camera did break... which I am super bummed about! Thankfully I was able to borrow my mom's for the rest of the party).

Some of the decorations and the "rainbow wand" party favors (which were super easy to make):

The cake- we didn't get started on the cake until 11:00 the night before the party. We were at a wedding until that late, and Eric calls this our "failure cake". Ha! It looked so pretty with all the different colors, but when he added the fondant icing, it kind of smashed the cake down. He ran out of time trying to "fix" it, but it was still really pretty on the inside- and it tasted great which is all that matters, right?! :) Also our cake stand cracked not long before the party, but at that point neither one of us even cared. 

Time to blow out the candles and open presents:

Vada Belle's Smash Cake:

Fun with family and friends:

Grandparents pictures:
The birthday girls, and Daddy & Mommy with the little one celebrating her first birthday:

Our Family:

The beautiful birthday girls:

Thanks to those that came out and helped us celebrate our sweet babies! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

June 2013

Here are a few sweet little moments from June that I just had to post. 

Big Brother and Baby Sister:

I went into Jackson's bedroom one night to turn off his reading lamp, and I find this. Beyond precious.

While in the kitchen one day I hear, "Hey, Mom! Look at us!" 

Giggles from these gals is a pretty wonderful way to wake up:

These days Elsie is usually dressed up in some princess dress with some toy in her hand at all times:

Ansley Kate swinging at Mamaw Ollie's:

Watermelon Baby

Sweet little Vada Belle loved having her own piece of watermelon to eat, and she chooses to eat it in a very interesting way. Love this sweet little thing!

Dora, Diego and Thomas... Oh My!

This year for our kids birthdays we decided to get Tweetsie passes (if you've seen our house then you know we couldn't fit another toy in here right now!), and the kids have loved going there so far. In June we went for a couple of hours on a rainy Friday morning to see Thomas the tank engine, and to meet Sir Topham Hatt. 

Although that was fun, the kids really loved when Dora and Diego came to visit! They loved all the songs, the meet and greet, and all of the fun inflatables that there were in that area of the park.

The best part about season passes, when daddy is at work and only the kids and I are able to go, it doesn't matter if we can only handle a few hours before I say it's time to go! :)