Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rainbow Birthday Party!

Last Sunday (June 30th), we celebrated Vada Belle turning 1, and Elise turning three (which officially happens tomorrow!). Since Vada's birthday is June 19th and Elsie's is July 9th, we decided to make it easier on the guests, (and us!), that we would do one party in the middle of their birthdays for both girls. Elsie kept changing her mind about what kind of party she wanted, but one day when she said she decided on a rainbow party, that kind of stuck, which I was happy about since it would be a perfect theme for both girls! It was a super easy party to decorate and coordinate for, and Elsie was really excited about it all (Vada Belle, too, of course.). :) We borrowed Elsie's rainbow skirt from her cousin Abigail, I found Vada Belle's little diaper cover off of Etsy (for a great deal!), and then I just got a cheap white tank top, crocheted a rainbow and sewed it on there for both girls. I also crocheted Vada Belle a little pair of barefoot sandals since she will not keep on any shoes. Of course I took plenty of pics to share (even if my camera did break... which I am super bummed about! Thankfully I was able to borrow my mom's for the rest of the party).

Some of the decorations and the "rainbow wand" party favors (which were super easy to make):

The cake- we didn't get started on the cake until 11:00 the night before the party. We were at a wedding until that late, and Eric calls this our "failure cake". Ha! It looked so pretty with all the different colors, but when he added the fondant icing, it kind of smashed the cake down. He ran out of time trying to "fix" it, but it was still really pretty on the inside- and it tasted great which is all that matters, right?! :) Also our cake stand cracked not long before the party, but at that point neither one of us even cared. 

Time to blow out the candles and open presents:

Vada Belle's Smash Cake:

Fun with family and friends:

Grandparents pictures:
The birthday girls, and Daddy & Mommy with the little one celebrating her first birthday:

Our Family:

The beautiful birthday girls:

Thanks to those that came out and helped us celebrate our sweet babies! 

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