Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Little E is Number 3!

Happy 3rd Birthday to our sassy, stubborn, but all at the same time our cuddly, very loving, sweet little girl.

Today on Elsie's birthday we of course had our birthday pancakes, played outside, did a little dancing, enjoyed a visit from great-granny Ollie and cousin Carter, got lots of phone calls from cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents, she got excited when she checked the mail and had birthday cards for her, went to Mamaw Di and Papaw Fred's for some birthday cake, she went to Bible School at Mabel Methodist Church with Jackson and Ansley, and then we went to Sweet Frog because that is the only thing she told me she wanted to do on her birthday! :)

Birthday pancakes and playing outside with her siblings.

Swinging in the swing and singing and dancing:

Birthday cards in the mail and birthday cake:

A trip to Sweet Frog:

At three years old Elsie loves, loves, LOVES playing with all her toys, but especially her little princess dolls, barbies, and any smaller doll (think polly pocket size) that she can carry around with her all day long. She loves to sing, and has the most adorable little voice. After hearing a song only a couple of times (or sometimes even once), she can sing along right with the song. She loves being outside and I honestly think that the child could sit on a swing for hours. Out of our three oldest, she is the one that likes to go the most, and often when we pull into our road she will immediately start in, "No mommy! I don't want to go home!" She even tries, at times, to sneak off with people when they stop by to visit us. She is "everybody's girl" as she says so often, and she has a way of putting a smile on your face when she runs to you and gives you a hug and kiss right when she sees you. All throughout the day she randomly says, "Hey Mommy. I loves you," which of course melts my heart each and every time (even if at times she already has one hand on the hip and looking much older than she should).  She still is pretty insistent that when she grows up she is either going to be a princess or a mermaid. What fun career choices! ;)

We are so thankful that God chose us as your mommy and daddy, and we love and are so proud of you, baby girl!

First, Second and Third Birthdays:

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