Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Last Day of 2015/2016 School Year

Yesterday wasn't just Jackson's birthday, it was also the last day of school for the 2015-2016 school year! 
 Just look at how much the kids grew this year!



All three kids had an outstanding school year, which was evident from their report cards and the awards they received. They all seemed to come out of their shell a bit more this year, and even though it breaks my heart a little at how fast they are growing, it is so fun to see them developing their own personality each year. 

 Jackson loved third grade. He said that his teacher, Mrs. Greever, was the most patient teacher ever, and that she never even yells (which is pretty amazing to me since she is surrounded by 8 and 9 year olds all day, everyday- haha!).  Jackson received the Language Arts award, Science award, Math award, Social Studies award, award for highest GPA, good citizenship medal and the plaque for Citizen of the Year award for 3rd Grade. We were so proud of him! I had not only teachers, but also parents of other kids in his class telling me lately how great and helpful he is with their kid.  I hope that he always thinks of others and has a helping heart.

 Ansley was excited for school to start because her teacher, Mrs. Henson, taught with Aunt Jessica last year. Jessica had told Ansley how Mrs. Henson loves frogs and critters, so Ansley couldn't wait to be in her class since she shares a huge love of any animal. Her love for Mrs. Henson grew so much throughout the school year, and she was crying the end of the school year because she was no longer going to be in her class. Thanks for loving our girl so much this school year, Mrs. Henson!
Ansley is definitely our shy kid of the bunch, but we could tell that she became much more outgoing this school year. She became close with several other girls in her class, which was great for our shy gal. Ansley won the Science award, Reading award, Excellence in Keyboarding award and good citizenship medal. We are so proud of her and how hard she worked this year.
 Elsie is our tender-hearted gal that wears her heart on her sleeves, so I was very worried about her starting kindergarten and getting her feelings hurt so easily. Thankfully this was never an issue and I know a big part of that was because of her feeling so loved by her super sweet teacher, Mrs. Colson. Elsie had a fantastic kindergarten year and made lots of great friends. She learned so much this year, and she not only received her Kindergarten certificate at the awards ceremony, she also received a good citizen medal and the plaque for Citizen of the Year award for Kindergarten! I had to include an end of the year questioner she brought home on the last day of school that I just loved. (The part that says "I think I'm good at dancing" ends with "but not good at video games".) I especially love the very last thing on there- "My advice for kids- Love God and Jesus." I just love and am so proud of our little Elsie.
Thanks to the kids teachers, our amazing Principal, and every employee at their school that loves and cares on all those kids every day. Thanks for helping our kids have a wonderful school year! 

The kids awards and each recipient of the "Citizen of the Year" award for each grade level

So long Kindergarten, 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade.... Hello, Summer!

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