Monday, May 16, 2016

Jackson Lee is 9

Happy birthday to our oldest kid, our precious Jackson Lee!
Jackson has a huge heart and is always willing to help others out.  He has the best giggle and is the most ticklish person I know.  If you know Jackson you know that he is Lego obsessed and he is about to be overtaken by Lego's in his room.  He still loves to read and excels in all subjects at school.  He is kind to everyone he meets and we love and are so proud of him.
Today wasn't only Jackson's birthday, it was also the last day (and only a half day) of school. When Jackson left for school he asked if he could have a scavenger hunt when he got home to find his presents. I totally forgot about doing it until I picked them up and he asked if it was ready. When we got home I quickly made one and he was so excited to find his Mixels that he has been wanting.

At night we went to Elsie's t-ball game, and then Jackson requested Pablano's for his birthday dinner. Here they are singing to Jackson:

After Pablano's we came home so he could blow out his candles and have some cake. He is having a few friends over this weekend for a birthday sleepover, but of course he had to eat a little cake on his birthday! 

I get all emotional when I think that he is now half way to where he will be old enough to go to college and move out, but I also know how blessed I am getting to watch all of his achievements and to see him grow into a wonderful young boy.  I am so proud of the boy he is. We love you, Jackson Lee. Happy 9th birthday! 

Jackson's Birthday through the years:

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