Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring Dance Recital and Ballet

On Saturday the girls had their tap and jazz recital in the morning, and then their ballet that night. It was a FULL day of dance, and then after the two recitals in the morning and before the ballet we had to rush to Ansley and Jackson's ball game (where she scored her first run for the season!).  Here are some highlights of our beautiful dancers:

Vada Belle's Dance Class
 Elsie's Dance Class

Ansley's Dance Class
Dress Rehearsal and rushing from rehearsal to Jackson's banjo practice:
Ready for their tap recital:

Vada Belle's Tap Dance
(Everyday Princess)
Elsie's Tap Dance
Ansley's Tap Dance
(Friend Like Me)

Ansley's Jazz Dance
(Red Balloon)

Jackson said he had enough of watching his sisters dance, so he asked Mamaw Ollie if she would stay home so he could go hang out with her. I have a feeling he is going to spend several more years going to dance rehearsals and recitals!
Mamaw Pearl, Papaw Nulan and Aunt Thelma all surprised us when we saw them after the girls recital:
After both tap recitals we rushed to pick up Jackson from Mamaw Ollie's (where she thankfully had lunch ready for us to eat quickly) and then headed to Jackson and Ansley's ball game (which their team won!). All the girls took a nap in the van, which was obviously very much needed.
After the ball game we came home to grab a sandwich, put back on their ballet clothes, and throw their hair in a bun, and of course take a few pictures:
 All three girls were in the ballet, Cinderella, and their studio did an amazing job with the show!
 Ansley's Ballet Dance
(Spring Fairy)

 Elsie's Ballet Dance- she LOVED this dance!

Vada Belle's Ballet Dance
(Mouse Friend)

Having fun at the ballet:
 So proud of our beautiful little dancers:

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