Monday, July 18, 2016

Weekend at the Lake

This past weekend we were able to go visit and stay with Tiffany and Mark at their lake house at Smith Mountain Lake. Eric was out of town working so we were bummed he wasn't able to go with us, but he told us to go on and to have a great time, and we did just that. The kids love hanging out with Abigail and Amelia, and it was an extra bonus that Mark took them out on the boat a lot cruising around the lake.

 Watching the gorgeous sunset out on the lake:
On Saturday we spent all day playing in the lake, tubing behind the boat, swimming in a cove, and giggling with cousins:

 Saturday night it started storming which made it the perfect time to snuggle up and watch a movie:
Sunday was another wonderful weather day and after we went to boat church the kids spent the majority of the rest of the day we were there jumping off of the dock and swimming around. My kids have never had any swim lessons, but I was so proud of how well Jackson was doing practicing swimming. He is very hesitant and cautious in water (which isn't a terrible thing) but I was standing in there with him the whole time he was practicing swimming with no life jacket (only in the shallow end of the lake, too, of course). Ansley started doing well swimming on her own last summer and also improved while we were there at the lake. I basically made Elsie and Vada Belle keep their life jackets on the whole time- even in the shallow end. 
 Felix hanging out with Holli (the golden doodle) and the kids playing in the lake with Abigail and Amelia:
 When it was time to head home there were so many tears from the kids. Ansley was going home with Abigail and Amelia for the week to attend American Girl camp with Abigail. The kids always cry when we leave the lake house because they said they are going to miss their cousins, but this time there were even more tears since they wouldn't see Ansley again until Friday. I love that they love each other so much.
Thanks again, Mark and Tiffany, for letting us have a wonderful weekend at your lake house!

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