Monday, July 25, 2016

Vada Belle & Felix's Birthday Pool Party

Happy (belated) birthday to Vada Belle and happy (early) birthday to Felix!
Yesterday we celebrated Vada Belle's 4th birthday and Felix's 1st birthday at our local pool. They both love the water and everything has been so crazy around here this summer, so we decided to have their party there. It was an awesome location for their party and I think everyone had a great time.

Vada Belle wanted a Shopkins (which was no surprise since her and her sisters are Shopkins obsessed right now) cake to celebrate her 4th birthday:

Since Felix loves his trucks and cars of all types, we decided to do a truck theme for his first birthday, and we got the cutest cake for a smash cake at a bakery from near where Tiffany lives.
 He wanted to touch the cake so bad:
 When it was time to do his smash cake, he thought it was so funny that everyone was singing and looking at him. He just giggled and pointed at everyone. So sweet!
 He wasn't sure exactly what he was supposed to do at first, but once we gave him a bite of the icing he knew exactly what to do after that.

It was pouring the rain when everyone first got there, but thankfully just 15 minutes into the party the rain went away and the sun came out and they said it was fine for everyone to get in the pool. The kids all loved the diving board, and Elsie shocked me since she has never even been on one and went right up the high dive first thing. 

The birthday girl had such a fantastic time:
 And so did the birthday boy!
 Felix with mom and dad after his first birthday party:

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