Saturday, July 9, 2016

Elsie is 6!

Today our sweet Elsie turned six years old:
She had a sleepover last night with a couple of friends from school to kick off her birthday. It ended up coming a terrible storm and the electricity went out about 6:00 that afternoon and didn't come back on until around 2:00am. The girls went outside on the porch (once the storm passed by) and played with Shopkins since it was lighter out there than it was inside. Once it got too dark outside, they came in and played with their toys and games by the lantern until they went to bed around 11:00pm.

 This morning, on her birthday, we had birthday pancakes and she opened up her gifts from our family. She loved her new Shopkins dresses and her Dory shirt.
We then took some pics and she had to decide what she wanted to do for the rest of her day. It was a tough choice between going to Sweet Frog or getting ice cream for the house, but she ended up going with the ice cream at the house. We invited some people over last minute for some hotdogs, cake and ice cream.

 (Elsie was sneaking baby brother some cupcake, too!)

I'm not sure how six years have flown by that fast:
Elise is always giving hugs and kisses, loves playing "pretend" with her toys (especially with her Shopkins, American Girl doll, Barbies and Princesses), and she has such a huge heart and love for others. We love you, precious girl! 

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