Thursday, August 4, 2016

First Day of 2016-2017 School Year!

Yesterday was the first day of the 2016-2017 school year (already!). Usually the night before school starts there are lots of tears at our house, but this year it seemed as if the first day of school sneaked up on us so fast that we didn't have time to even think about being sad our summer was ending.
Jackson is in the fourth grade this year and said he wasn't nervous at all about school yesterday morning. He said he was so excited about his teacher and he was glad several of his close pals are in his class. 
(Jackson fell while we were camping this past weekend, and busted his chin on a cement pad that the picnic table was on- ouch!)
Ansley was also excited about the first day and was up and ready first thing this morning. She is in third grade and is looking forward to her teacher since she has the same one that Jackson had last year and he has told her that she never yells or loses her patience! She is also thrilled that her best friend is in her class again this year. 
Elsie is in first grade this year. While we were on our way to school yesterday morning, she said that she was a bit nervous. I walked her into school and took her to where her class was sitting in the cafeteria and she was excited to see her teacher. When I tried to leave she squeezed my hand a bit tighter and I told her I would walk to get breakfast with her. While we were in the breakfast line one of her best friends came in and she instantly seemed fine. I asked her if it was okay if I left then, and she gave me a hug and kiss and told me she was fine now. She is also very excited about her school year!

At school and excited to see their friends, and Elsie with her first grade teacher:
The first day was a half day and Vada Belle couldn't have been more ready for her big brother and sisters to get home. Vada Belle, Felix and I walked down the road to get them off of the bus and you can tell just how excited she was to see them- look at those arms stretched out to hug her siblings! Today they didn't have to go to school (a teacher workday) so she was excited to have them home today and is not looking forward to them being gone all day tomorrow (and neither am I!). 
Here's to a great year in 4th, 3rd and 1st grade!

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