Friday, September 20, 2013

Camping At Roan Mountain

We were all bummed when we weren't able to book Cataloochee and take our yearly camping trip (Cataloochee books up super fast!). So, very last minute Eric and I decided we still wanted to take the kids on a quick camping trip, and we started looking up places that were close, not expensive, and had tent sites available. Thankfully Roan Mountain had just three tent sites left, so we booked one, and some of our other regular "Cataloochee goers" booked the other two. It was perfect camping weather, and if you are ever looking for a place to visits with great views, you should try visiting the top of Roan Mountain! Absolutely beautiful!

Getting our camp site all set up, and playing in the creek at our site:

We did a little hiking while there:


We had lots of these little sweet moments:

These pictures of the view from the top just doesn't do justice to actually being there and seeing it. Amazing.
The camping crew this year. Notice how several of our regular crowd wasn't able to come. We missed them, but still had a great time! 

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