Friday, September 14, 2012

Our Weekend With the Bears, Elk, Deer & Turkeys!

Last weekend, September 7-9, we went on our annual camping trip to Cataloochee in the Great Smoky Mountains. On Friday the weather was perfect, and we were all able to get our tents up and camp set up with no problems at all.
 The big kids sleeping area in our tent
Vada Belle was excited about her first camping trip!

We then went and looked at the elk, turkeys, and deer. There wasn't as many elk out in the fields as we usually see, but we went a little earlier this year and figured that was probably the reason. While Eric, the kids and I were driving on the road near our campsite, we did see a mama bear and her two bear cubs- so cute! On Saturday after we ate breakfast the kids spent a little time in the creek and we went out to do a little hiking and exploring.

Cousins make the best, best friend, ever!

 Some people thought a hike made a great time to take a nap:

In the middle of one of our hikes we got caught in a rainstorm, but thankfully Vada Belle didn't seem to mind and slept through it.

The rain made it a good time to for some to take a nap, or at least rest for a few minutes:

On Sunday we warmed up by the campfire:
and then packed up all of our stuff and did a little more hiking, exploring, and playing!
If you have never been to Cataloochee, you should take a weekend trip there (but personally I think you should wait until the leaves are chaning colors because then it is even more gorgeous!). You can see some beautiful wildlife, take some fun hikes, and spend some time exploring an old church, schoolhouse, homes, barns, and cemetaries.
We are already trying to figure out when we can all go next year! :)

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  1. You are the busiest and most talented mother and handle it with such beauty. You have such a beautiful family.