Saturday, September 1, 2012


Today, at 12:51 am, our sweet Ansley Kate turned 4 years old!

I can't believe our beautiful little sunny-side up 7lbs. 9oz. baby girl is turning 4 today. 
Ever since she came into our lives she has been a wonderful blessing and addition to our family. She has such a sweet heart that she doesn't ever want to see anyone or anything hurt or sad (even if it is a nasty bug or spider she wants me to get it, throw it outside, and not kill it- yuck!). :) She is the most amazing big (and little!) sister, and thinks she is a second mama to her mini look alike, Vada Belle.

At 4 years old Ansley loves to play with her princesses and dolls, dress up in her princess costumes, wear dresses that twirl, singing, snuggling up on mommy's lap to read a book, and her most favorite thing of all (besides playing with her big brother and little sisters) is dancing!

She started her day off with our traditional birthday pancakes:

then spent the majority of the day painting, coloring in her coloring books, playing baby dolls with Elsie, playing on the swing set with Jackson, making Vada Belle smile and laugh at her, playing with her new birthday toys and changing into new outifts she got for her birthday several times (this happens often with Ansley! She loves clothes, mainly dresses!).

We then went and had some pizza and played at the park, and then finished the night with a special treat at Sweet Frog!

Look at how she has grown in just a blink of an eye!

10/1/08- 1 month old

9/1/09- 1 year old

 9/1/10- 2 years old

9/1/11- 3 years old

9/1/12- 4 years old

Happy 4th Birthday, precious Ansley Kate! We love and are so proud of you!

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