Friday, August 31, 2012

Ansley Kate's 4th "Ariel" Party!

Last Saturday, on August 25th, we celebrated our Ansley Kate's 4th birthday by having her an "Ariel" party, per her request. The day had been very busy with doing things around the house, getting things ready for her party, and going to another birthday party for one of my best friend's daughter. Ansley started feeling rough that afternoon, but thankfully was feeling better by the time her party started.

Once again, daddy did a great job decorating her cake, this time a "Little Mermaid" themed cake.

She wanted something with Ariel on it to wear for her party, so we went and bought some fabric, and with her help, Ansley and I came up with this little corset and tutu duo:

I didn't have time (or the energy!) to get or make a lot of decorations, but thankfully my mom (the lady with all the party supplies you could ever need!) had some stuff that worked perfectly! Ansley did want me to make some crochet tiaras for the party favors for her to hand out, though.

After everyone ate, it was time to blow out the candles and eat some cake! (With no ice cream because I forgot it at home in the freezer. I couldn't tell you how many times I've done this at my kids birthday parties!).
Blowing Out The Candles!

Then it was time for the kids favorite part (well, besides eating cake, of course) of birthday parties, present time!
Ansley was so excited about her new Belle dress!

Jackson and Carter weren't this excited about her presents, they were busy with a game of tag. :)
Some new tap shoes for dance class!

We didn't have as many people at this party as usual, but those that were able to come had a great time!

Since I crocheted Vada Belle a Minnie Mouse outfit for Elsie's party, I decided to make her a mermaid outfit for Ansley's. I wondered if she gets annoyed with her mommy putting her in ridiculous outfits. :)

A quick family picture at the party:
By the time that party was winding down Ansley wasn't feeling well again. When we got home her fever was 105.2 and that was with some motrin in her! So, Eric took her to the doctor where we found out thankfully it was nothing more than a really bad ear infection and a sore throat. But, despite that, she still had a great time at her party and we are so thankful for the family and friends that came to celebrate with us! 

Happy 4th birthday our sweet little princess!!


  1. Oh my need to teach me to crochet because the stuff you made was absolutely adorable! Vada's outfit was beyond cute. I love all your parties, I just we could make it to them!! Hope Miss Ansley is all better now :)

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