Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We have a roller!

When Jackson was a little newborn I remember hearing how babies should have tummy time and I made sure I gave him enough tummy time every day. Then when Ansley came along I would try to make sure I would remember to do it at least every other day, if I didn't forget (which I would more than I liked!), but when she rolled off the couch at only 6 weeks, I wasn't that worried when I would forget. By the time Elsie came along, she never got tummy time, and poor Vada Belle has been the exact same. Today I realized how I never put her on her belly (she is usually in my left arm resting upon my hip), so I laid her down on the floor to see how she would do, and the next thing I knew, she rolled over! I picked her up and put her back on her belly several times, and every single time she would roll back over for us. (She had a great cheering squad with her big sisters!). I ran and got the Ipad (my awesome 30th birthday gift from my super sweet husband) and was able to videotape her. At this point she had about enough rolling, but she still performed for us. :)

Yay for Vada!

On another note:
Yesterday Eric and I went to Jackson's midterm parent/teacher conference. His teacher started out with, "What can I say? He is a perfect student!" She went on to say how well he is doing in school with the academics, behavior and I was most proud of her saying that he is so kind and helpful with all the students in the class. She said that often times he will help a student that is struggling without them even asking him or the teacher for help. I just love that boy's sweet heart! I asked her if he seems to be alright at school because he is still crying almost every morning, and she said you would never guess it while he is there. That made me feel much better knowing that he is happy while he is there. He tells me the reason he is crying is that he misses me so much, and his sisters. I guess it is a huge adjustment going from never leaving mommy (I have never put my kids in daycare or preschool just because it wasn't worth it since we live so far out,) to being gone 5 days a week, all day long. I told him tonight that I hope that he still thinks that much of me in about 13 years when he is deciding on where to go to college or his next big adventure in life. :) We were so proud of the great things his teacher had to say about him!

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