Sunday, September 1, 2013

August 2013

August brought the last days of our summer break for this year,

but it also brought many great memories, some first, and some celebrations! I already wrote about Jackson's first day of first grade, and Ansley Kate's first day of kindergarten, but I never wrote about how hard of a time the younger two girls had adjusting to big brother and sister not being around, especially little Elsie. On the first day of school for both kids, Elsie was fine hanging out with Vada Belle, but the second Vada went to nap Elsie was asking me if we could got ahead and pick up Jackson and Ansley. She helped the day go by, by hanging out Vada, Nala Mae, the cat, and finding some not great ways to entertain herself- like sticking beads up her nose.

(Notice how she wanted to have a sign to take a picture with, like Jackson and Ansley did on their first day of school!) 

Vada Belle is getting much more interactive these days, and wants to be a part of whatever the big kids are doing the majority of the time, and it is so cute to watch her and Elsie play and entertain one another while Jackson and Ansley are gone. They both love to go to the bus stop to pick up big brother and sister, and the second they see that bus coming they get so excited and start waving.

This month we took a couple more trips to Tweetsie (where you can see Ansley loves the ferris wheel as much as I do....)

had a sleepover with Caleb, Abigail and Amelia:

went to the Mile's family reunion:

went to the Appalachian Fair to see the monster truck racing & freestyle show, UTV racing, fun exhibits, petting zoos, and a Jeremy Camp concert:

celebrated Nala turning 9 and my 31st birthday:

took advantage of all the rain we've had this summer by enjoying splashing in the mud puddles:

went on a hike to Cascade Falls:
daddy found a new pet while we was out working one day:

and enjoyed every single day:


  1. This is my most favorite blog ever :)

    1. Well I pretty much love yours, too! Let's get together sometime and let our littles play!