Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First Day of 1st Grade!

Does it seem like its been a year since I wrote about this little, now big, boy going to kindergarten?! Today he started his first day as a first grader. 

He has been back and forth on as to whether he was ready for to school to begin, but last night when he went to bed and asked if I would lay with him for a minute, I could tell that he was nervous about today.  This morning while he was getting dressed, he admitted just that. I reminded him how he was super nervous about kindergarten, and it was just fine, and that I was certain first grade would be the same way. Plus, he gets to take his awesome Mario backpack that he has been so excited about, and show it to his friends. :) 
We then took a picture of him with mom and dad, drew our "Kissing Hands," and off to school we went.

Once we got to the school and went to the gym to find his class line, I could feel his hand grip mine just a little tighter. Jackson's best little buddy, Caleb, is in his class this year (wahoo!), but when he came in and didn't see Caleb in his line he started to get upset. I told him that we were just early and that Caleb would be there soon, and we started talking about all the people in his class that he knew from last year (there are 3 different classes per grade at his school).  It wasn't long before Caleb walked through the door, and the tears I could see building up in Jackson's eyes and the look of worry on his face instantly disappeared as Caleb ran towards him. He jumped up when it was time to leave, gave me a kiss, and seemed so excited to head off to 1st grade. He only had to go a half day today, which was long enough for me and the girls, and the girls were ready to see their brother get off of the bus (Vada was so excited that she decided just to nap instead of going to the bus). 
After we ate lunch the kids wanted to go play out in the little pool and on the slip and slide daddy set up for them. I say that is an awesome way to finish your first day of first grade! 

Now, I've got to go get myself prepared for sending one of my baby girls off for her first day of kindergarten tomorrow.... lets the tears begin! :)


  1. NOOOO how are are babies getting this old?! I am not ready to send Harper to first grade next week...feel the tears coming already!

    1. Unreal, isn't it, Sarah! Oh... the tears will come. Wish I could tell you otherwise. ha!