Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ansley's first bus ride!

Ansley has been wanting to ride the bus since her first day of kindergarten, so we decided that on Friday she could ride it home from school. I wasn't nearly as nervous about her riding it the first time like I was Jackson, because I knew that she would have big brother there watching out for her.  When the bus came to their bus stop on Friday, I snapped a few pictures of them getting off (I know- it isn't necessary for me to document every second of their lives with pictures- ha!), but I'm glad I did. I got this super sweet sequence of pictures of just how precious my kids are. Jackson gets off first, turns around and waits for Ansley to get off, and then they grabbed each others hands while walking up the road. Ansley had huge tears in her eyes, and Jackson is saying how bad she missed me. I started crying and held my baby girl, (which was more focused on using the bathroom because her bladder was so full!). Elsie, Vada Belle and Mamaw Di were also at the bus stop with me, and once Ansley used the bathroom and got a snack from Mamaw, she was laughing and telling us about her day. She did say she cried three times throughout the day, but other than that she had a great day. Ansley has always, always been a mommy's girl, and this is the first time she has been away from me other than just a couple of hours here and there. I know she is going to get over this (missing me throughout the day) very soon, but I told her that I too was sad several times through the day because I missed her and Jackson so bad. I remember in those three short years that I taught, and through my student teaching, I would see students cry here and there because they missed their mom, but I never really got it until recently since my kids have been in school. When I (hopefully) go back into teaching, if I see a kinder crying, I hope I take a quick second to just give them a hug and remember that this growing up business can be tough! I hope someone took a second to give my baby a hug on Friday.....


  1. Oh my goodness how sweet. I love your wonderful little family. You are such a great mother.

    1. Thanks, Heather! That means a lot coming from a wonderful mother as you! We need to get our little ones together sometime. :)