Saturday, August 3, 2013

July 2013

Independence day celebrations, birthday fun, Tweetsie trips, rainy days at home, a trip to Oak Island with family (which one day soon I'll post about), playdates with friends, the kids had a camping weekend with Mamaw & Papaw with their cousins, & visiting other churches Bible Schools, all made for a fun and busy July.  Now it's time for school to start back (which I am NOT ready for), and I'm wishing that time could slow down just a little. Here are a few more pics from our busy month:

Tweetsie fun, and even though we don't watch Spongebob at this house (I just can't handle some cartoons- ha!), the kids enjoyed watching him at Tweetise, and they even got to join a dance party on stage with them.

We had a horrible hail storm, and these first two pictures are the day after the storm, at around noon! Doesn't look much like July, huh?
For some reason my kids often prefer to sleep on the floor rather than their beds, and Ansley and Elsie sneak into their make-up pretty often these days.

Elsie had a pretty rough month, as you can see! As we were leaving Tweetsie she fell on the pavement and busted her forehead, and then one night at Bible School she was coming down the big slide (one of those air walk type slides) and got this horrible burn on her arm! She never complained of her head once (she scraped her knee at the same time, and since that is what she could see, that's all she was crying about. Once first-aid at Tweetsie put a Hello Kitty band-aid on it, she was all better!), but that arm hurt her for days! After 4 days of it hurting and not getting any better, we took her to the doctor where they gave a great prescription cream to rub on it, which healed it up in no time. She was also at the same time running a high fever and felt horrible, but thankfully that only lasted for about 3 days.
 By the end of the month she was feeling 100% better! Here she is at her 3 year well check up appointment (which was actually on August 1st), where she weighed 29.8 lbs., was 36 inches, and overall checked out wonderfully.
 This picture is from one night while trying to fix dinner she kept repeatedly yelling for me. I walked in the dining room to see what she needed and she says, "Mom, you know why I'm laying like this? Because I am STARVING." What a mess!

Also this month we were excited as Eric was able to fill in and preach at our church one Sunday.  We know that God is calling him somewhere in the ministry, we are just not sure where, yet. Please help us be in prayer that God will show us the best place to serve Him at this time. Thanks, friends!  

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