Friday, August 30, 2013

Oak Island

Last month (I know, I'm a little late...) we went on a beach vacation with Eric's side of the family to Oak Island. This was the first time we have been to Oak Island, and it is also the first time we have got to take a trip with all of Eric's family. We all had a super fun time, and the kids really enjoyed spending time with their extended family. Like I had mentioned in a previous post, my camera is broken, so I didn't get many great pictures with my phone (my only "camera" I have when mine is out of commission). Here are a few moments I did capture while we were there:

Jackson, Ansley and Elsie loved playing in the sand and the ocean. Vada Belle, on the other hand, would scream if the water would barely touch her. We would sit our stuff up far enough away from the ocean that the waves wouldn't get near it, but when the tide would come in and a drop of water would touch her, she would scream. She made it clear she wanted nothing to do with the ocean! Jackson loved trying to boogie board, Ansley and her obsession of all things creepy and crawly spent a lot of her time digging and finding mole crabs (aka sand fleas), and Elsie would sit and play in the sand and shallow part of the water all day long!

We went out one night to try to get some family shots, but my camera only took one group picture before it messed up again. Thankfully I brought my phone and was able to snap a few of these sweet moments. 

A few pictures of Ansley and Vada Belle snuggling, Elsie and Vada asleep on the beach in the stroller, Vada Belle's sandy toes, and Kodia and Elsie eating ice cream! Uncle Gerald took us all out for ice cream a couple of nights, which was a very special treat for the kids (and adults, too!). In the picture that looks like it is just a picture of the ocean, it is actually a picture of an alligator that was swimming in the ocean. We were out swimming and playing with the kids, and when we came back out of the water, a man came up and told us that we might not want to go back out because there was an alligator swimming around, right near where we were. We looked out and saw it swimming back and forth in this little area of the ocean. That's when I decided we had had enough of playing in the ocean for that day. :)

One night we went crab catching with Travis, Kodia, Uncle Gerald and Aunt Sharon, which the kids LOVED! They weren't scared of them at all, and I think all 3 of the big kids even managed to catch one by themselves. We also caught some more sand fleas and a couple of little tiny fish that they wanted to put into a water bottle and show it to Gramma, Grandpa and Uncle Marshall when we got back to the place we were staying. When we left the beach to come home, somehow someone (Ansley Kate) sneaked that water bottle into the van, where those saltwater fish got to see some mountains in TN. 

A few pictures before we left to go home:

The difference between the drive down (full of excitement, singing & dancing), and the way home (some super sleepy little girls). Jackson can not go to sleep in cars because he just might miss something exciting- or at least that is what he thinks! 

Oh how I love getting away with these people:

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