Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sweet Little Moments

First of all... Happy 1 month to this little gal:

She gave us her first "real" smile last Wednesday, (7/11/12). Ansley and I were talking to her and all of a sudden she gave us a big grin. We both got so excited and kept trying to get her to do it again and again, but she only decided to do it once after that. Every time I tried to snap a picture of her grinning since then, I would be too slow or wouldn't have my camera around when she would smile. Tonight while taking her 1 month picture, she decided she would give a big grin to the camera! Look how precious!!

Cute picture #2:
This morning Vada woke up early to nurse, and went back to sleep. Ansley had come into our bed sometime during the middle of the night (which isn't uncommon... actually it isn't uncommon for all 4 of them to be in there!) and was snoozing also. I heard Vada crying and was unloading the dishwasher, and once I finished and went to check on her, Ansley had given her the pacifier, snuggled up beside her, and they both were asleep. Ansley thinks she is Vada's mommy, and could easily win the award for best big sister ever! :) These are the moments that make my heart smile!

Two of my sleeping beauties!

(Sorry- I had to add just one more picture!) :)

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  1. Vada is adorable and I love how ansley is taking her roll of the big sister. I don't know what I would do without Harper sometimes she is such a good helper with archer. our little ones are lucky to have such great big sisters aka little mommies :)