Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Elsie's Minnie Party

On Sunday, July 8th, we had Elsie's Minnie Mouse themed party for her 2nd birthday. I felt a bit guilty that I didn't do as big of a party that we usually do for the kids, but since Vada was only two weeks at the time I just didn't have the time (and energy!) to get it all together. Thankfully my parents have the perfect party backyard that we are always able to use, so that way at least I didn't have to stress too much about having to get things ready here.  Even though it wasn't as "big" as usual, we still were able to celebrate her with a lot of our family and friends, and most importantly, Elsie had a wonderful time and would excitedly tell everyone, "It's my birthday!"
Here are some memories from her day!
Her banner I made (I was really excited when I found a free download of Disney font!)

The food table, Minnie Rice Krispie Treats, & Ice Cream Toppings

Elsie with her Minnie Cake

Elsie's cake her daddy made- great job, Eric!

Elsie loved when everyone was singing "Happy Birthday" to her, and she even helped them sing!

               Blowing out her candles!                                                 This girl loves some cake!

Decorations, Presents, & Icees

Present Time!

                                                  Elsie instantly wanted to put on her new Minnie undies!

Our family at Elsie's party!

Elsie wanted to take a dip in the pool (in her new Minnie undies, of course) after her party, so Jackson, Ansley, Abigail, Amelia, and Aunt Tiffy all joined her!

I had crocheted Vada a Minnie skirt and hat to wear at Elsie's party, and then it was so stinkin' hot that she wasn't able to wear it there. By the time the party was over, it had cooled down a little so we could put it on her and snap a couple of pictures.

Thanks to everyone that came out to help us celebrate our sweet little Elsie Miles! She had a wonderful time and has loved playing with all of her new Minnie toys!

 Elsie and some of her new birthday toys!

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