Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kid's Fest!

On Sunday we took the kids to Dollywood for the Kid's Fest event. My parents get us season passes every year and last year when we took the kids to Kid's Fest they absolutely loved it, so we definitely wanted to take them back. One of their favorite things during this event are the plays they do based off of three children's books, Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad, The Little Engine That Could, and Otis. I think  Jackson and Ansley now have the songs from these plays memorized if you would like to hear them! :)

They have a dining with characters breakfast, and although we didn't make it this year (we went last year and the kids loved it!), we did walk up on Strawberry Shortcake out and about and snapped this quick picture:

Jackson is getting tall enough now where he can ride a couple of the bigger rides and smaller roller coasters, and Ansley was even tall enough this time to ride the Rampage (or as they call it, the grampage)!
 Ansley Kate loved her first ride on thr Rampage

Jackson enjoyed the Rampage much more this year than he last year.

Jessica, Mom and Dad all went with us, so when Elsie (and obviously Vada!) was too short to ride a certain ride, there was always someone else to take Elsie to another ride or to somehow distract/entertain her so she wouldn't have to sit around most of the day.
 Elsie riding the Busy Bees!

When Jackson and Ansley went to ride the scrambler with Mamaw Di and Jessica, and Vada was hanging out with Papaw Fred, Eric and I took Elsie for her first ride on the Shooting Star. The super sweet older man that was working the ride said that if she didn't like it after the first time they took us up and brought us down, he would stop the ride and let me get her off. I wasn't sure how she would respond to the ride, and the way you are strapped in it is impossible for me to see her face. So, I got the Ipod out so I could hold it out in front of her and see her reaction. I am so glad I did.... because I ended up with this:
 She LOVED it! :)

Dollywood is great for nursing moms in the fact that they provide nursing rooms throughout the park that are equipped with air conditioner, rocking chairs, changing tables and a restroom. Vada was awesome all day long and spent most of the day like this:

If you ever go to Dollywood on a Sunday, I suggest you go to the chapel there at 11:30, for a wonderful short church service. We have been going to this church every year when we go to Dollywood since I was a child, and I love taking a few minutes to be in a small, old church that is always packed full of strangers (with many times the porch standing full of people), inside a theme park, worshiping Jesus. When the congregation stands together and sings those old timeless hymns, it is always so beautiful and blesses my soul!

There is a new roller coaster this year at Dollywood called Wild Eagle. When we were getting ready to leave dad told me and Eric to go ahead and go ride it while he, mom and Jessica watched the kids. Thankfully we didn't have to stand in line long at all! Now, I love roller coasters, but the one thing I don't love about them is the part where they go up.... I am scared of heights and that time when you are climbing up the track, along with the clicking noise it makes, has always freaked me out a little. The downhill part, the upside down loops, twists and turns don't bother me at all, it is just that part going up. When we started going up I instantly closed my eyes, because I don't think I've ever been on a roller coaster that was so steep. We were nearing the top so I stopped holding my breath and opened my eyes, and then it started slowing down. I realized that they usually don't slow down THAT much before they go across the other side and start going down, and it was then that it completely stopped. At the very top. 210 feet up in the air.  We were stopped at the top for 7 minutes (some girl on there was timing it), but there was a lot that went through my mind (I am not going to make it down these steps if we have to walk down, Vada is going to be starving by the time we get off of here, we are going to fall backwards, etc.) in those seven minutes. I almost had a panic attack, but it started and the ride was smooth sailing from there! I'm sure Eric had to try really hard not to laugh at me for getting really freaked out, but thankfully he didn't! :) Even though it looks intimidating, it isn't at all. It is actually really smooth for a roller coaster, and lots of fun!

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