Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jackson reading to the new baby!

(I forgot to post this video in the Vada Belle post!)

When I was packing the kids a backpack with some books, coloring books, snacks, etc. to help entertain them while at the hospital, Jackson ran and grabbed a book to put in there. He said he wanted to read it to the baby when he or she gets here. As soon as he met Vada Belle and had a chance to hold her, he passed her over to Ansley Kate while he got the book, "The New Baby" out, and read it to her. Precious.

Also, anyone that knows Jackson really well knows how lately he has been obsessed with trying to beatbox lately (and crazy it drives me!). When Vada was just a couple hours old she started doing this, and I told Eric that she heard Jackson the entire time she was in the womb and now we have another beatboxer on our hands!

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