Monday, May 5, 2014

February and March Happenings

A little late (nothing out of the ordinary for us), but here are some moments from February and March:

We were still having some snow days in February, and even missed school on Valentine's Day because of the snow, but the kids (especially Ansley!) loved spending snow days playing outside in the snow, and of course they love coming in and drinking some warm hot chocolate.

Vada Belle absolutely loved sledding, and would get very upset with us whenever we would make the kids come inside. Here she is going sledding all by herself:

In February we.... :
spent Superbowl night at cousin Jennifer's house with lots of friends, family, and tons of food. 
Jackson finished up his first season (and what a long season it was!) of basketball.
Elsie spent her days staying warm and toasty in her sweet little footed jammies (I'm going to be so sad when all my kids are too big for those!), playing with her Barbies or Princess dolls, playing with play-dough, and putting together puzzles. Vada Belle on the other hand, spent her days sneaking into things she knows she shouldn't be doing, like stealing brownies or putting cereal in her hair instead of her mouth, and then just laughing so hard when she gets caught. That girl!

Ansley got on a kick to where she just wanted to roller skate around the house from the time she got off the bus until she went to bed, but some days kindergarten and skating was just too exhausting and she just had to take a quick nap in the middle of homework. Elsie on the other hand, prefers to just sleep in the floor instead of her bed! :)
The kids celebrated the 100th day of school in February, and also got to have a belated Valentine's Day party (since Valentine's Day was a snow day). 

We celebrated Great-Granny Ollie's birthday on 2/22 (Vada Belle hadn't had a nap), and also took a trip to King to visit with Great-Granny Vee (Elsie was sick and didn't get to make the trip).
 Sweet Frog had a daddy/daughter date night where the girls were suppose to wear Princess dresses. The girls were SO excited about their date with daddy, and even better that they could choose one of their princesses dresses that they love to wear.
Vada Belle has been doing great using the potty still, and didn't have any #2 accidents in February or March! Kind of gross to blog about, but we are excited about that milestone around here. :)


In March Jackson learned how to ride his bike with no training wheels! We had tried to help him learn back in the fall, and he would get it going, but then fall down just a few seconds later. One day at the beginning of March he got off the bus and told me he wanted to ride his bike. He hopped on it and it was as if he had been riding for a while. He was thrilled and wants to ride everyday now.  

The first picture in this collage is taken in a tree in the yard at the house that I grew up in. There were so many days my sisters, cousins, friends, etc. and I would spend climbing and playing in that tree. So many sweet memories. It has grown quite a bit, but the branches are still perfect for sitting in, climbing, and swinging from.
Elsie loves spending time with our sweet Nala Mae. Nala's health has been deteriorating and it breaks all of our hearts to see her not as active as she has always been. She still loves to take short little walks with  us, and if we are going on a walk longer than she can handle, she is content to hop in the wagon with Vada Belle and Elsie and ride for a while.
The school held their yearly talent show, and we were shocked when our shy little Ansley Kate said she wanted to sing "Let It Go." The picture I got was a terrible shot, but Eric and I were so proud of our little shy gal getting up and singing. Jackson wanted to write a poem about Lego's and present it at the talent show, and that is exactly what he did. Our once shy guy is no longer shy at all!
The last pictures in this collage is just so you can see how terrible it is when lovie has to be washed. :)

Jackson says that St. Patrick's Day is definitely one of his favorite holidays (which he says about every single one) because you get to wear his favorite color.... green! 

St. Patrick's Day
We celebrated Amelia turning 3 a little bit before her birthday while her and Abigail were spending the weekend at Mamaw Dianne and Papaw Fred's. We then went to Greensboro to celebrate her with an incredible Monster's themed party. There was also a lady painting faces there, and she was awesome!

Happy 3rd Birthay, Amelia!

Chick-fil-a had a Pirate and Princess night in March, and of course my kids aren't going to miss passing up a chance to dress up. When Jackson and Ansley got off the bus that afternoon and I told them where we were going, Jackson ran upstairs and put together his pirate ensemble in just a matter of minutes. Pirate Jackson, Belle, Elsa and Snow White had a great time hanging out with Mini-Moo! 

Happy Spring!!

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