Monday, May 26, 2014


Last week in the afternoon, the kids and I were playing outside and saw my mom pull into the road. We went to her car and were standing there talking and Eric pulled in. It wasn't just a few minutes later we hear a super loud buzzing sound and see bees EVERYWHERE! Mom instantly called my dad to ask him how we could get them to calm down and swarm together into a hive. Eric did just as my dad had said, and it wasn't anytime before they all joined together in one of our trees.
It was just a few minutes later that my dad pulled in, put on his bee suit, and was trying to get the bees into one of their boxes to put into a beehive at their house. The whole process (especially watching the bees calm down and join together) was just amazing!

Honeybees are an amazing creature to watch and learn about!

Here is a video of them swarming when we first heard them:

A video of Eric calming the bees down while they swarm together into a hive:

Here is a video of dad getting the swarm of bees:

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