Saturday, May 10, 2014

April 2014

Just like so many other people in our area, Ansley loves the first Saturday in April because that is the opening day of trout season, and that is the day that Papaw Fred takes her out fishing. Jackson was at a sleepover with a friend or he would've joined them, and Elsie said she didn't want to go this year. Ansley Kate was thrilled that she caught 4 fish and that Papaw only caught 2, and she made sure that everyone she saw that weekend knew that, too!

Not only did she enjoy some fishing, but April was busy for Ansley because she had tap and ballet recital rehearsals, tee ball practices and games, and of course keeping up with her school work. We love and are so proud of our well rounded gal.

Jackson is also playing tee ball again this year, and he is loving that his best friend, Caleb, is on his team with him.
We went to Grandfather Mountain to enjoy "Dollar Days" there, and we tried to have a picnic before visiting the animals or going across the swinging bridge, but we only lasted about five minutes outside before we decided to take our picnic into the van. It was super windy and we put on our coats, found blankets in the van to cover up with, and the kids were still freezing- pleasant picnic, huh? :) When we went to go see the animals the wind wasn't blowing nearly as bad there, so we were fine, but at the top of the mountain at the swinging bridge, the wind was of course blowing strong. We had Elsie and Vada Belle in the backpacks, and Jackson doesn't mind the bridge at all (he'll run back and forth across it), but Ansley is a bit like her mama and terrified of heights, so mix that with the crazy wind and we had one terrified little girl. She made it all the way across, though!

Elsie, Vada Belle and I enjoyed spending time with Ansley's class and joining in with their Easter egg hunt and party, and the kids also enjoyed the Easter egg hunt at church.
Papaw Fred and Uncle Jimmy got a bunch of goats back in the fall, and the kids love watching them play (especially the baby ones!). One Sunday while we were eating lunch at Great Granny Ollie's house, all 75 goats got out, and the kids took advantage of this by going and playing with them. They are precious!

Just a few more pics from the month:
Elsie and her best buddy, Nala
Jackson & Carter at Carter's 5th Birthday
Elsie & Vada Belle having a picnic
We learned that Vada Belle is super scared of thunder (and holds her ears every time she hears it)
We also had three sick little girls at the end of the month, and got to go to the doctor 4 times in less than a week. After some antibiotics and breathing treatments, they were good to go. 
Now we are counting down the days until the last day of school- we can't wait for summer break!

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