Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

As everyone probably knows by now, our family loves to do themes for Halloween (as you can see here and here). I honestly thought that last year would be our last year because the kids would want to be doing their own thing, but when we were on a hike while camping in September the kids started talking about what they wanted to be for Halloween. They immediately started trying to think of a theme, without me even influencing them! I'm not even sure who brought up doing a Peter Pan theme, but the kids took it and ran with it. So, here we are: Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Wendy Darling, Tinkerbell, Tiger Lily and one of the mermaids from the movie:

The kids have watched Peter Pan only about a hundred plus times (which I think is why they choose that movie to dress up like), so they kept saying in the weeks prior to Halloween what each one of us had to say and do. Dad was to say, "Blast the Peter Pan" (in an English accent of course), Ansley would wave and say "Hello Peter," Jackson would call dad a "codfish" and Elsie would have to pull my hair, but over and over again she would say "I promise I won't pull it hard, mommy." On Halloween Elsie told me repeatedly that daddy really didn't have to stick Vada Belle's feet in the water- ha! Jackson especially loved having a sword fight with "Captian Hook" while using his dagger. 

We went to several churches trunk and treats where the kids got so much candy.  We hung out at our church for a little while where we ate and the kids got even more candy.

We then went to the mall, where we got to at 6:58 only to find out they stopped doing trick or treating there at 7:00, but it was ok and the kids didn't mind because we got to meet up with Caleb and Lyla and see them all dressed up. 

Happy Halloween! 

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