Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fall Pictures 2013

A couple of Fridays ago, it was a gorgeous fall day right at the peak of leaf season, and we hadn't been able to find time to drive around and look at these amazing mountains. When the kids got off the bus I knew Eric would be working late on this day, so we hopped in the van and drove around to look at the beautiful leaves, and of course I had to take my camera and snap of few pictures of the kids, too! Looking back at the pictures I took last year at this same time, it makes it really obvious how much each one has grown this past year. Vada Belle wanted no one to put their arm around her, hold her, hold her hand, or touch her in general, which is why in some of these pictures it appears that they are just leaving her out- haha! I promise they tried, but she would let out a loud scream and they would say, "Nevermind, Vada" and as Elsie would say, "Just fowget about it." :) Also, in a couple of the pictures you may notice Elsie's hand in her pocket- that is because when we were walking down the driveway to get Jackson and Ansley off the bus, she found a wolly worm in the driveway, stuck it in her pocket, and kept having to check on it to make sure it was okay.  
Happy Fall!






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