Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

This Halloween was definitely not like any other Halloween the kids have had before. We started our day off with breakfast, and then went outside to play in the snow. Yes... we played in the 8+ inches of snow that we got the day and night before. We went sledding and built a snowman (topped off with a pumpkin head) on Halloween- crazy!

Elsie, as you can see, was NOT a fan of the snow at all and didn't want off of that sled. She didn't last long and ended up going in the house and playing a game while Vada slept. Jackson and Ansley stayed out there a long time and sled as long as I would let them!


After we came in and warmed up with some hot chocolate, we got dressed and were ready to go Trick-or-Treating as the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Piggies!
Big Bad Wolf & The Three Little Pigs

I LOVE having them dress in themed costumes, but I know it won't be many more years until they all want to dress up as something different. So far though, they have been the ones that help me come up with these themes and have been so excited about them!

How adorably scary is this Big Bad Wolf:
(The black eye is from a couple nights before, during the snow & crazy winds, the power went out and he was walking and tripped, and hit his eye on the table- ouch!)
Our Princess Piggy:
Our sassy and wild piggy:
and our littlest piggy celebrating her first Halloween:
I lucked up and found Jackson, Ansley & Elsie's costumes all on eBay for great deals, and I crocheted little Vada Belle's diaper cover and hat.
The kids love dressing up all the time, so they spent a long time actually playing the roles that they were dressed up as. Here the big bad wolf is blowing down this little pigs house. Love them!
Cute little piggy tails:

Because of the weather many places postponed Trick-or-Treating until later in the week, and then one place had theirs on Tuesday night, so we ended up dressing the kids up and taking them to different places on Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday night, and our church had their little fall party where the kids dressed up last Saturday (and had a great time!). Tuesday night they got to trick-or treat in the snow, but this was the first year that they were old enough to run up to the doors by themselves, knock, and get their candy, so the snow didn't slow them down at all. Jackson was shy about it at first, but Ansley just marched right up to the doors and didn't mind knocking at all. I would carry Elsie from driveway to driveway and would then let her run up to the door with her brother and sister. Daddy and Vada Belle waited for us in the car, because it was too cold for her to be out! On Wednesday night we went to the ridiculously packed mall, and then around to some trunk or treats and trick or treating in a couple of neighborhoods. By the end of that night the kids were arguing about whose turn it was to knock on the door and say trick or treat! Friday night we went to Mount Vernon's "God's Big Story Family Fellowship" and it was AMAZING! Thanks to everyone there that spends so many hours preparing and putting on this wonderful event every year.

So, if you have a candy craving anytime soon, please come by our house and our kids will be more than happy to share! :)
We hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

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