Monday, October 15, 2012

Our "Bucket Filler"

When Jackson came home from school this past Wednesday, he had a note from the assistant principal saying that he had been chosen as a "bucket filler," which is one of the students of the week for the school. She included a copy of write-up that his teacher wrote. We were so proud of him and what was included in that note, and pray that he will always hold onto those wonderful qualities that she wrote about him. Here is what she wrote:

I chose Jackson as bucket filler of the week because he is an awesome
individual that loves learning. He puts others wants before his own. Jackson 
will attempt any academic task with eagerness. He attends school regularly 
and brightens up the day.  He works very hard to be a good example to those
around him.  Jackson is always ready to lend a helping hand to students as well 
as teachers.  He is a polite young man that has respect for fellow students and 
teachers alike.  He takes the initiative to help those that need help. Jackson is a 
great student to have in class and an example to all his peers.  I am proud to have 
Jackson Clifton in my class.

Way to go, little man! You make us proud. :)

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