Sunday, October 14, 2012

Family Fall Beach Trip 2012

(If you look closely, you can see a rainbow over the water!)

Last weekend we took a quick weekend trip to Myrtle Beach. Jackson had Monday off from school and we found a great deal at the Sea Crest Resort, so we loaded up the van and we were beach bound. Our hotel was a perfect place for the kids to play in the fun water play areas, and the majority of the time we were there the weather was gorgeous! On Saturday we headed to North Myrtle to spend the day with some of our great friends, the Smart's.
Ansley, Palmer, Jackson, Harper & Elsie (Vada Belle & Archer were taking a nap during this picture!)

This picture doesn't show it well,but Eric made these girls a mermaid tail. Harper really wanted a "Merman," but Jackson said no way and we didn't think Archer would sit still long enough.

After dinner we took a picture of the daddies with all the kids:

and the mommies with the kids:
Some man asked Sarah on the beach earlier that day if we were running some kind of daycare- ha!
Then we had to say good-bye to our sweet friends:
and headed back to our hotel where we played in the outdoor kids area and pools until they kicked us out at 11:00. It definitely didn't take the kids anytime to go to sleep that night (one fell asleep before he got his pj's buttoned up!), and slept great no matter who was on top of who!

On Sunday we went to an early church service (where near the end of the preacher giving his sermon Vada Belle started getting fussy. I stood up to walk out with her and he says in his message, "It's only natural for babies to cry." At that exact moment Vada lets out a loud cry which was followed by laughing from the congregation. It couldn't have been more perfect timing!), then we spent the rest of the day playing at the hotel and on the beach.

Jackson & Ansley playing on the frog slide and lily pad.

Elsie playing on the fish in the pool.

Vada Belle decided just to lounge poolside most of this trip. I'm sure next year she'll be splashing around with the other three!

The kids loved the fun water play area & lounging around in the lazy river.

Dad playing in the sand and ocean with the kids.


Vada Belle after her first time sticking her toes into the ocean. I wonder if by next year she will love it and be crawling straight into the waves like Ansley did when she was only one year old.

I brought the mermaid outfit I made for Vada for Ansley's birthday party, and had to get a picture of her in it by the ocean. Eric laughed at me, but she got lots of "How adorable" comments from others on the beach. :)

Here are some more shots of our great weekend away.

Notice how they take a super sweet pic with daddy:
and then they are like this with mommy:
And a picture with all 6 of us:


  1. These pictures are awesome! We stayed here too last year. It was lots of fun. I enjoy watching your little ones grow.

  2. Thanks Heather! It was a great place and we had so much fun. I love looking at pics and reading stories of your adorable boys! Hope you all are well.

  3. I just came back to take another look at these pictures and noticed my comment from the first time isn't here??? Wendy did you delete my comment :)

    1. Ha! No.... it never did go through??? I know this did to me at least one other time because a lady we go to church with said she commented on the Jackson's first day of school post and I never saw it. Weird, huh??