Monday, May 21, 2012

Camping Party!

Last Sunday, May 20th, 2012, we celebrated Jackson turning 5! He wanted a camping theme party and we had so much fun celebrating with many of our family and friends. I have always said that once the kids turned 5 that that will be their last "big" party. We'll still let them have a couple of friends over and make them what kind of cake they want, but we just won't do the big party. So, thanks to everyone that came to help make his big day so special! He told me that it was "the best birthday, ever!"
Here are some of the decorations and a few special moments at his party:

"S'More For Later" Party Favors

The "Happy Trails" sticks that the "S'more for Later" was inside of!

"Camp Jackson"


"Take a Sheet & Have a Seat!"
My dad built these benches for the kids to sit on and roast marshmallows. Eric said they looked like Lincoln Logs! :) How cute are they?

This tent is one my mom and her siblings use to go camping in when they were little, we use to camp in it when I was little, and now the kids are getting to enjoy playing in it. Now that is a quality built tent!

Party Ready!

Signs on the mailboxes leading to the party!

My dad has been cutting down some trees to make a road up to their cabin and had all of these logs out waiting for them to come be picked up. So, we had to make a sign that said, "Welcome to Jackson's Lumber Camp!" :)
The Cake! (We even finished this one before 3am this year!) :)

Daddy did a great job decorating the cake!

Cake Time!

Jackson wanted the tree off the cake- what a mess it made!

Present Time!

Abigail wasn't a happy camper when her mommy said it was time to go home, but sweet cousin hugs always help one feel better!

Happy Trails To You!
Jackson with most of his new birthday toys!
What a loved little boy!

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