Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May 2015

May was a super fun month with the girls big dance recital and ballet, celebrating the last day of school and the start of summer, celebrating Jackson turning 8 years old, and lots of t-ball and baseball games in between all of that. Here are some more fun moments from May.

Jackson and Ansley had field day at school, and I was able to go enjoy the day with them. It was a HOT but fun day.
They also had awards night the last week of school where we were very pleased with the awards that both Jackson and Ansley earned this school year.
Jackson with his homeroom 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Morefield, Ansley Kate with her first grade teacher, Ms. Zukowski, and the both of them with their awards. We were very thankful that both kids had wonderful teachers this year!
Some random pics: Elsie and Vada Belle in their new sun hats; Vada Belle giving her baby brother kisses; Ansley and I cheering on Jackson at one of his baseball games; Jackson asleep; the three big kids and their "sleepovers" that occurs pretty much nightly; Vada Belle and her buddy Abigail at dance waiting on their big sisters; and all four kids after awards at school.
 Mother's Day with my 4 (plus one in the bun) blessings:

One of Elsie's jobs to do while Jackson and Ansley were at school and Vada Belle naps is to collect the chicken and duck eggs. She loves this job and doesn't even care if she is in her fancy dress and heels while she is doing it.
Celebrating friend's birthday parties, Ansley and her duck "Abigail", Vada Belle playing waitress, and Ansley Kate with Dash.
 We spent Memorial Day afternoon at one of Jackson's baseball games, followed by a cookout at Leslie and Todd's house.
Now we are ready for even more summer fun!

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