Thursday, June 18, 2015

Vada Belle gets her ears pierced!

Vada Belle has been asking Eric and I for a while now if she could get her ears pierced. Every time someone would bring up earrings or asked if she wanted to get her ears pierced she would immediately respond with, "Yes!" On Sunday, May 31st, Eric had filled in for a pastor friend of his that was going to be gone that Sunday, to bring the message at a local church in town, so after church service we were discussing what to do the remainder of the day. We asked Vada Belle if she really wanted to get her ears pierced, and she of course said yes. Jackson tried and tried to talk her out of it by telling her how bad it was going to hurt and that she would have holes in her ears, but she didn't really listen to him. (He said he was afraid that it was going to hurt her). We took her into Claire's and had to wait for just a few minutes until the second person came into work (I didn't want to do one at a time because I was afraid she wouldn't go through with the second ear), and I think while we were waiting I almost backed out of letting her. We sat her in that seat and she held onto her lovie while they drew the dots on her ears to show where to pierce them. Once they counted to three and pierced them, her eyes got really big and I think she was in shock and wasn't exactly sure what happened. She began to cry and I noticed a container of lollipops beside of where she was sitting, and I asked the ladies that worked there if she could have one. They said, "Of course!" and once I let her choose one and picked her up, she was okay. She was so proud of herself for getting them pierced and has shown everyone that she pierced her ears. I asked Elsie if she just didn't want to go ahead and get hers done, too, and she said what she has been saying for months when I ask- that she would when she turned five. I told her that it was just a little bit over a month before she turned five and that she should just go ahead and do it, to which she replied, "Well, I think I mean I will pierce them when I turn six." Ha! Look how precious Vada Belle is with her new earrings (and so grown up looking!).

A short little video of her getting them pierced- how pitiful, huh?!

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