Monday, May 11, 2015

Dance Spring Recital and Ballet

The first weekend of May was a weekend full of dance for the girls (and Jackson was so very patient while going back and forth to rehearsals and performances). This year the studio they dance for, Studio K, did the ballets Snow White and Frozen, and they were amazing! Here are some pictures and videos from Ansley, Elsie and Vada Belle's tap routines and their part in the Snow White ballet.

Ansley Kate's dance class did a tap routine to "We Belong Together," a jazz routine to "Ring, Ring", and they were bluebirds in Snow White. I love their beautiful blue dresses.
Tap Routine

Jazz Routine

The Bluebirds in Snow White

Elsie's class did a tap routine to "Good Ship Lollipop" and they were some Comfort Butterflies in the Snow White ballet.
Tap Routine

The Comfort Butterflies in Snow White

Vada Belle's class did a tap routine to "When I Grow Up" and they were Snow White's Little Friends in the ballet. This class has only been dancing since January, and I thought they did a fantastic job!
Tap Routine (Vada was very concerned about staying on her number) :)

Snow White's Friends

Eric also joined in the fun and played an Iceman in the Frozen part of the ballet:

Getting ready for the tap recital:
Before the ballet:
My beautiful dancers:
We're done! The kids were excited they got to meet the troll and Olaf from Frozen after the ballet:
We are so thankful and love all of the teachers at Studio K. Thanks for all your hard work you put into your shows and dancers.

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