Tuesday, September 30, 2014

August 2014

A little recap of our August happenings:

The month started off first thing with the first day of school with Jackson starting 2nd Grade and Ansley Kate starting 1st Grade on Monday the 4th. They got out just a couple of days later, though, for the local elections. Papaw Fred was running for County Mayor, and so we were busy campaigning all day long. Even though he came up short a few votes, we had a great day out at the polls talking to many friends that came out, and meeting new people.
Eric applied for a farm grant earlier in the year, and was chosen as one of the recipients for the grant! One of the things he is working on is a sugar shack to make molasses and maple syrup in, but we also were able to get some chickens (10), ducks (10) and turkeys (15). The kids loved watching the sweet little babies run around and play in the chicken house Eric built. 
We also added some new bunnies to our pets. Jennifer and Leslie knew that the kids have really been wanting some bunnies, so one day they brought over the black and white bunnies, which the kids named Sven and Olaf. Ansley runs home first thing to feed them and she especially loves to hold Sven, because he lets her hold him like a little baby. The other little bunny is a baby that Eric found one day while working.
Our pig, Vidalia, kept getting out of her pen, so when the pups at my mom and dad's house all kept dying we decided to bring the last one and put her in the pen with Vidalia to give her some company, and to hopefully keep the pup safe until we could find another home for her. It wasn't long until the pup had a name (Dash), then a collar, and her and Vidalia became best friends and it was obvious that she had already found her new home. Nala Mae was turned ten years old on the 1tth, but she is getting weaker and weaker, and received non-stop attention from all of us, as you can tell below.
We also celebrated Uncle Gerald's birthday and retirement with a wonderful party thrown by his family:
After the party, we headed over to Gray, Tennessee to go to the Appalachian Fair. The kids loved the exhibits, watching the demolition derby, and singing and dancing along at the Francesca Battistelli concert.
Elsie had her 4 year well check up in August, and she also went ahead and got her shots for kindergarten so we wouldn't have to worry about that next year. She was nervous and didn't want to get them, but after a little bribing with a promise of a trip to Sweet Frog if she got them, she was pretty proud of herself for not shedding a single tear! She asked if I would take a picture of her and send it to daddy so he could see what a brave girl she was. She weighed 33.4 lbs., and was 38.5 inches, and checked out great!
The last picture is one of many days after school when Ansley Kate would run off the bus and go get in the creek to catch anything she could possibly catch. Whether it's riding her bike, playing in the creek, taking care of the animals or swinging on the swingset, Ansley just loves being outside when she gets home from school! 
Elsie had her first day of dance in August, and is so far absolutely loving it. She is definitely our most social kid right now, so everyday at dance she is just as excited about which friends were there to talk to as what she learned during the class. With school and dance both starting back, you can tell that our two big girls are exhausted when it comes to bedtime.

I celebrated my 32nd birthday in August and after going to church I really wanted to go tubing down the river. At our home it was nice with the sun shining, but by the time we got to the river it was misting outside and was a cold, cloudy 63 degrees. Thankfully my kids (Jackson and Ansley anyways) were even more excited than I was, Eric had Elsie and Vada Belle in a blow up boat to where they wouldn't get wet, and my sister and her boyfriend Craig, and my cousin, Jennifer, were crazy enough to come also. 
One of Jackson's highlights of the month was meeting John Archambault, the author of some wonderful Children's books, but especially known for Chicka Chicka Boom Boom & Boom Chicka Rock, which Jackson got his autograph in both of those books. 

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