Monday, September 1, 2014

Ansley Kate is 6!

Happy 6th birthday to our little princess, Ansley Kate. Last night we went up to Mamaw Dianne and Papaw Fred's house to eat some pizza and also have cake and ice cream, and let Ansley open her gifts from them.
The kids never questioned why we were doing it the day before Ansley's birthday like I thought that they may, especially since they didn't have school on her birthday since it was Labor Day (and we also went ahead and took her yearly birthday picture in the rocking chair with her pink bunny). They had no idea that we were going to be getting them up out of their beds at 4:30 to put them in the van to head towards DISNEY WORLD! We stopped at a rest stop several hours up the road (it was around 9:00), and they still didn't even question why we were in the van and where we were going! Eric and I couldn't believe it, and Eric finally asked them before heading back down the road if they wanted to know where we were going. We gave them their Magic Bands, and when they realized we were going to Disney, of course they were ecstatic. They thought for sure that they were going to Chuck E. Cheese's, since that is what we did on Jackson's 6th birthday, but were okay that we were headed to Disney instead! ;)  We stopped at Shoney's on the way down, where they brought out a huge hot fudge sundae that Ansley was more than happy to share with the rest of us. We then went to our hotel room at Disney's All Stars Music Resort, and there Ansley Kate opened her gifts from all of us.
The kids then wanted to go to Downtown Disney and look around, and we stayed there for several hours looking around before heading back to our room. It didn't take long for the kids to pass out after that long drive and Downtown Disney fun!
At 6 years old, Ansley Kate is still obsessed with princesses, loves Barbies and her dolls, is always dancing and singing, loves to play dress up with her siblings, an animal lover (and a great help with our dogs, pig, cat, chickens, ducks, and turkeys), a great reader, enjoys coloring and playing with play-doh, and has a huge heart. Her favorite movies are Frozen and Enchanted, and her favorite food is cucumbers and noodles.

She has gotten so much taller this year, and has learned so much as well! 
Happy birthday, our sweet little princess! We love you with all of our heart, and are so proud of you!

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