Monday, August 4, 2014

First Day of the 2014-2015 School Year!

 We are so sad around this house that our summer has already ended, and that today was the first day back to school. None of us have been ready for this day, but unfortunately our summer break came to an end way too soon, and here we are, starting the 2014-2015 school year.
Jackson is starting 2nd grade- the grade I use to teach before I became a stay at home mom. I told Eric the other day that I couldn't believe my little boy is the age of the kids that I use to teach, and that my very first class I taught, those students are starting their senior year in high school and will graduate this year. I'm getting old! :) Jackson was not too excited about school starting until last night and when he was suppose to be asleep he kept coming into the living room and he said he was just too excited to sleep. He jumped right up out of bed when I woke him up, and was ready for 2nd grade!

Ansley Kate is starting 1st grade today, and up until this morning if you talked to her about school starting back she would get tears in her eyes. She did get her a princess and palace pals backpack on Saturday, which thankfully helped her get a little more excited about school. I was worried how she would be this morning, but when I woke her up she seemed very excited and didn't seem hesitant about going to school at all. No tears from this first grader!

Jackson and Ansley may have been excited and ready for school this morning, but their little sisters weren't at all. Their little hearts were just breaking that big sister and big brother were going to be gone. I think this picture shows better than I could describe just how sad and upset they were:
Look at the big crocodile tears on their cheeks.... heartbreaking!I love how Ansley Kate was trying to console Elsie.

We took a couple more pictures, and then were off on our way to school. At their school, the kids either go into the gym or the cafeteria and find their class line. Both kids classes were in the gym, and we found each of their class, and Jackson and Ansley were looking to see who they knew in their new class. 
The first day of school in the county we are in is always just a half day (which Elsie and Vada Belle were very happy about). We went and picked up the big kids and they both said they had a great first day and really seemed to like their new teachers. Ready or not, here's to a new school year! 

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