Tuesday, July 8, 2014

June 2014

June came and went way too fast, and we enjoyed our nice warm summer days spending our time in the backyard playing, as well as doing a new favorite hobby, riding their bikes, tricycles, or pulling Vada in the wagon, up and down the driveway. There have been hours of Barbie and Princess time, as well as creating all types of new inventions with Legos. We also have had some new animals to keep us company for a short time. Eric found this box turtle, that the kids named "Steve Shelldon," one day while he was working. He brought it home to the kids, and they loved having him hang out for a couple of days. Eric and I told them after those couple of days that it was time to let him go back to his home in the woods, but they wanted a couple of pictures while they were sending him off. We also got a new baby bunny that Leslie found, but it was injured when she found him. The kids (especially Ansley- our animal lover) took good care of that sweet baby bunny for the days that he survived while we had him, but he was just too sick and didn't make it more than just a couple of days here. We also had a fun surprise when Mamaw Dianne and Papaw Fred's dogs had puppies! The kids really enjoyed taking care of them while Mamaw and Papaw were on their trip outwest (how cute are those baby border collies!!!) . The girls also enjoyed dressing up our sweet Nala Mae, and Nala didn't seem to mind at all. She is getting older and sicker everyday, and it is breaking all of our hearts that she isn't able to do nearly as much as she use to.

We enjoyed going and swimming in Mamaw and Papaw's pool, and Jackson kept his promise that he would help clean it while they were gone on vacation.
We went to the "Turtle Derby" at the local park, and the kids thought the turtles racing were hilarious. We were surprised how fast they were actually going in the first few races. They were giving away many door prizes, and we were all excited that Ansley won the biggest prize- a new bike!

Also this month, Elsie finally did something that we have been begging her to do for months now.... she finally got her haircut! We've been asking her to do it because it was so uneven and straggly looking, but she would start crying and saying, "No! It'lll hurt!" She decided one day that she would go eat at Pablano's and then get her haircut at the place beside it. When she said that we instantly agreed and hopped in the car to take her. She sat very still and absolutely loved her new hair when the lady finished cutting it. She was showing it off to everyone!

We celebrated Father's Day (with one of the best dads ever) by doing the usual church then going to Mamaw Ollie's for lunch, and then after that Eric said he would like to go to Backbone Rock. We drove there, took a little hike, and then the kids spent a long time throwing rocks and wading in the river. 

Here are a few more random pictures from the month:
~The girls with their interesting pajama choice- which is almost a nightly thing around here. You never know what they are going to choose to wear to bed! I especially love Vada's bathing suit paired with the flashlight and two different shoes (which are actually Ansley's).
 ~Elsie asleep in a pillowcase with a bike glove on one hand and winter glove on the other
~Vada Belle at her 2 year check up. She checked out great and weighed 23 pounds and was 31.5 inches.
~Vada Belle in the carrier while shopping. Shopping with a just turned 2 year old during nap time can be a disaster!
~The kids helping Zaelyn celebrate her 8th birthday!

We also took a fun trip to Wrightsville beach, and I'll post some pictures of that trip soon!

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