Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday, Our Sweet Elsie Miles

Happy 4th Birthday to our Elsie!

At four years old Elsie loves to play with play-doh (and will spend hours doing that), playing with dolls and princesses (especially her little princess dolls, Polly Pockets and Barbies) with Ansley Kate, watching You-tube videos of Disney toy collector, which is a lady that will play with dolls and play-doh and does reviews of them, (we think it is hilarious that she loves to watch those videos and she even has made her own videos doing her own reviews!), cuddling up on your lap, singing and dancing, any and everything dealing with the Frozen movie, playing games with Jackson, doing ring around the rosey and coloring with Vada Belle, playing dress-up, and riding her tricycle, and nine times out of ten you can expect her shoes to be on the wrong foot. :) She is a very affectionate child always giving hugs and kisses, and if you stop by to visit you can count on getting a giant hug from Elsie before you leave. She is always complementing people about different things, and it is very common to hear her say out in public, "Her looks pretty. Her has on a pretty dress," or something to that effect, and I hear "Hey mom, I love you!" from her countless times throughout the day (and cherish every single time I hear it!).

Today we started off her big day with our birthday pancakes as usual, then when I asked her what she wanted to do today, the only thing she could think of besides me playing a game with her was to go to Mamaw Dianne's and to Sweet Frog (only after I suggested the later one). The girls played with their play-doh for a couple of hours (it was a nasty rainy day!), then we went to sweet Frog, came back to go to Bible School at a local church, then went to let Elsie go to Mamaw Di's for a second, and then came home to some cake and ice cream. She told Eric and I while they were eating cake and ice cream, "This has been the best day ever!" We are so glad you are so easy to please, little one!

Tonight when putting the kids to bed, I was laying in Elsie's bed talking to her and she said, "My heart is so happy from my fun birthday. Thank you mommy, I love you!" That is a perfect example to show how sweet and loving she is the majority of the time. We love you too, sweet girl, more than you will ever know!

And in the blink of an eye, this happens:
Happy 4th, Elsie Miles, aka Elsie Lou, aka Lou Lou, aka Elsie Poo! :) You are loved by so many!

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