Thursday, June 19, 2014

Vada Belle Is Two!

Happy birthday to our sweet, but incredibly sassy, two year old!
At two years old Vada Belle loves her lovie and never leaves it behind (and of course she still sucks on those two fingers the second she sees or even hears the rattle of her lovie), drawing, princesses (her favorite one is Ariel, which she calls "Mimi" which is her shortened version of mermiad), Minnie Mouse, books, playing play-doh with Elsie, dolls with Ansley, and laughing at Jackson- or as she always calls him- "broder", listening to Jackson and Ansley read to her, and sleeping (the girl loves her naps and bedtime!). She has incredible manners and I hear, "Thank you, Mommy!" at least 50 times a day as well as "Juice, minute- mommy, PLEASE!" over and over all day long. (She is always wanting something to drink so a few months ago I would say, "In just a minute," to try to spread the minutes out from the time she had just chugged her last cup of juice, milk or water down, and then she started using the word "minute" when asking for something to drink- ha!) She can throw a temper tantrum like we have never seen before from our other three, and even though she is the youngest, she tries to make Jackson, Ansley and Elise think she is the boss.

On her big day she started the day off by celebrating with birthday pancakes, then we went to a magic show at the library (where she spent most of her time giving her brother and sisters hugs and taking turns sitting in their laps), picked flowers in the backyard, played on the swingset, went to a pool party (for Jackson and Ansley's t-ball team), and then came home to eat cake and ice cream.

She opened her present from us, and seemed most excited about her "Ariel" shoes. 

She has grown so much and in many ways this past year. Even though she keeps us on her toes, we love her so incredibly much and are very proud of her!

Look at how much she has grown!
                One Week                                           One Year                                      Two Years

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