Saturday, June 8, 2013

May pictures

May was such a busy and exciting time with Ansley Kate's dance recitals, cousin Leslie's wedding, Mother's Day, Jackson turning 6, and the last day of kindergarten, but I wanted to post a few more pictures from the month.

Before the end of school, Jackson received a citizenship award from his teacher, and also a "Star Word Award" trophy from the reading teacher. At the end of kindergarten they wanted the kinders to know the 100 "star words", and Jackson got up to 1,000. Way to go, buddy!

Since we didn't do a big birthday party this year (I have always said that they'll get one until they turn 5, and then we'll do smaller things after that), Jackson decided that he would like to go to Chuck E. Cheese's to celebrate. 

Ansley Kate continues her role as the best big sister ever, and she is such a wonderful little helper to me. She often does things without me even asking or knowing she is doing them. She'll make up her bed every morning, (and sometimes even her sister's and brother's as well!), she helps me fold the laundry, put up the dishes, clean, cook, get Vada up from her naps, helps change Vada's diaper, etc. I'm never letting her go to school! :) Even though she is our little princess, she still has a fascination and love for all animals, even creepy crawly bugs. 

Elsie continues to keep us laughing, constantly, even when she is asleep. She goes and goes until she just can't handle anymore, and we'll find her asleep in some strange places or positions. Here are a few of those times:

Vada Belle turned 11 months old on the 19th of May. She is cruising all along furniture now, but still not brave enough to let go and walk just yet. She loves to sit and play with her brothers and sisters now, and when they go running from one room to the next, she is right on their heels crawling as fast as she can to try to keep up.

We have also had fun playdates this month with wonderful friends, we finally got rid of the truck that wouldn't run and were able to get a new (well, new to us) truck that will make it up mountains (yay! added bonus- we were able to find one with the amount we sold the other one for so no truck payment- even better!),  we took advantage of our Tweetsie season passes, we planted our garden, and we celebrated Memorial Day. I am so glad school is out and summer fun has begun! 

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  1. Your family is beautiful. Your girls look JUST LIKE YOU :)