Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday, Jackson Lee!

Today we celebrate our little boy turning SIX, except I was told this morning that I am no longer allowed to call him my little boy, because "I'm six now, mommy, and boys who are six are big boys. So, now you have to call me your big boy." I reminded him that no matter how old he gets, even when he is taller than me, he will still be my little boy. :)
This past year Jackson has come out of his shell so much. That shy little boy that use to hide behind my legs when people would talk to him, isn't so shy anymore. He loves to talk and will tell anyone that will listen to him all kinds of stories and tales (as long as he isn't in the middle of some type of game at the moment- then you'll get nothing from him.) It doesn't seem like it has been four years ago that I was so worried that he wasn't talking and putting all kinds of sentences together. Now... not only will he not stop talking, he loves legos, to read (which the reading teacher told me a couple weeks ago that he is on at least a third grade reading level), play games on his ipod or computer, send and receive emails, play t-ball, play in his treehouse/swingset, play with his trucks, draw, and of course play and spend time with his sisters.
Last night I was looking through some old pictures (and shedding a few tears) and thought I would post a few of Jackson from his first year.

Can you tell he was always such a happy baby! Today for his birthday we took some cupcakes and snacks to school so he could celebrate with his class, he came home and opened presents from us,

we went to Kindergarten graduation,

then out to eat at Pablano's with our family, Aunt Jessica, Mamaw Di and Gramma Winkie (where Jackson did NOT want to wear the sombero),

and then came home to blow out candles and have some cake.

He has been so excited ALL day long, and says he has had a wonderful day. He was thrilled about all of his birthday cards in the mail, his birthday emails, phone calls, and messages. I hope he always knows how incredibly loved he is by so many people!

To our Jackson Lee-
Happy 6th birthday to my favorite little boy in the whole wide world. This past year you have grown so much- not only taller, but in so many other ways, too. You have a heart of gold and I hope you never lose or forget the compassion and care that you show towards other people. My heart swells often when I see your kindness and love. Remember each and every day how proud of you we are, and that we love you more than you can imagine! Love you to the moon and back, and then some more! Love, Mommy

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